In Texas, primaries are open, meaning any registered voter can participate in the, GOP primary election each year. Voters do not have to be registered members of a party to vote in that party’s primary. 

March 2nd is the Republican primary election for the State Board here in District 9. (Where is your polling place? 
Click here)  Go vote against McLeroy.  To learn more.. read on...

We have a problem. Don McLeroy, the District 9 representative to the Texas State Board of Education believes that the earth is less than ten thousand years old, that humans walked with dinosaurs, and that supernatural explanations are valid science. 

Maybe having a dysfunctional Board of Education didn’t matter back when we were only fighting with Oklahoma for who had biggest cowboy hat, but now Texas is part of the global economy and our kids are competing with kids from Asia and Europe for the good jobs.

Come on Texans, on March 2nd, let’s send this guy home. Keep the State Board of Education smart. On March 2 vote against Don McLeroy in the Republican Primary.

District 9 Citizens for a Smart State Board of Education is political action committee whose purpose is to oppose Don McLeroy’s reelection to the Texas State Board of Education, District 9.

Most of you are probably familiar with Don McLeroy and his time on the Texas State Board of Education. McLeroy has extreme views and works to inject them into education policy here in Texas.  For more information check out these links...

If Texas is to remain economically competitive, we need smart students who are well educated, critical thinkers who understand scientific methodology.

Check out the radio ads below... 

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