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Want to create an app by yourself..this is how I did it...please give this a read

PRO Version includes - 10 hard key shortcuts and 9 dashboard Icons.

Free/Lite version - 1 hard key shortcut and 1 dashboard Icon.


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What is it ?

This application allows you to realize the true potential of shortcuts on your android device by programming HARD KEYS to launch apps without even unlocking your phone.

Watch it in action on Youtube 

Why do you need this app?


  • Never miss a moment: configure camera and launch it in a jiffy using hard keys without even unlocking the phone.
  • Configure voice to text apps shortcuts to make calls, send texts & email in split seconds.
  • Check Stock prices, Game scores, News, Weather without fiddling with the screen at all.
  •  Configure Push to talk/walkie-talkie apps to use your phone as a true spontaneous communication device.
  • Configure music player to play music on the go.
  • Create a dashboard of apps which can be used without unlocking the phone.
  • Configure mirror app
  • Configure fake call apps and get out of sticky situations in one click.
  • Possibilities are endless


Some of the prominent features of this application:

  • No need to unlock phone (pass code/otherwise) to access selected applications.
  • Launch selected (customizable) applications by pressing hard keys triggers.
  • Create a shortcut menu which can be launched by hard key trigger.
  • Mix and Match- use key combinations (e.g. volume up + back key) and long hold shortcuts.

Watch it in action

Tutorial >

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