Check out the two video singles ("Deja Vu" and "48 Hours") from the Debut Album O.C.D (Open Casket Digressionals) by Smar-t Jones and Qreepz

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posted Feb 1, 2017, 10:30 AM by Smar-T Jones

I moved back to Seattle from Arizona after a few months and completed O.C.D with Qreepz. My debut album is done and under wraps until I can put the money and hours of promo behind it's release that it deserves. Festival season is upon us and I'm going to do one more round of cdeals and festivals to help prepare for O.C.D's release, I was not sure if last summer was the last time I would hit the festivals, this time I am sure of it, so it's the most important festival season for me ever and I want to leave this particular grind just how I came into it, relentless. I am writing new material and have 15-20 fresh songs to take to the studio once O.C.D is finally released and I can focus on the production of new material. If you are reading this I appreciate your continued support, you make this journey, and make it worth while.

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posted Jul 30, 2016, 4:55 PM by Smar-T Jones

This summer has been really good and really bad for me, in a huge way I feel I've lost some of my creative drive and momentum while finding my sobriety and falling in love. I lived in Arizona for a few months trying to change things up and get sober, it didn't work. As crazy as it sounds I'm moving back to Arizona to live with a completely sober producer and knock out an album together, this will be the first time I've ever lived with a producer I was working with and I'm super excited to see the work ethic that relationship will bring to the table. The debut album, O.C.D (Open Casket Digressionals) has been pushed back several times and at this point it's looking like the projected release date will be Dec. 1st 2016. I have to make sure the product is done to the best of my financial and mental ability while also ensuring it is promoted properly to the right avenues, this will take months of tireless computer and leg work and until that's done, the album will stay under wraps. I am leaving tomorrow to go to BC to get c.d's out at Shambhala festival, out of the 14 festivals I sold c.d's at last year it was the most profitable financially and as far as recruiting long term Jonesonites. Wish me luck as I embark on this fest and as I move back to AZ. to work on my second full length studio album. 

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posted Apr 28, 2016, 3:33 PM by Smar-T Jones

2016 has so far been one of the best years of my life! Some of you may have already heard that because of creative differences Ready Ron and I decided to stop working on the debut album together. I still consider Ron family and hope we are able to work together on future shows and projects, but for now, as far as the album goes, it was in our best interest to move on. The debut album Open Casket Digressionals (O.C.D) is now being produced by Qreepz and is almost done. Things in Seattle were getting hectic for me as far as trying to find my sobriety and after meeting a new clothing sponsor (Multi Colored Animal) and wonderful new group of friends at McDowell Mountain Music Festival in Phoenix, I decided to move to Tempe Arizona for a few months to get a fresh start on my sobriety and to follow my heart when it feels pulled in a particular direction. I will be spending the next few months traveling to festivals and selling what I have been calling my "rookie card" which currently consists of 13 songs from different projects, there is "Deja Vu" (the single off the new album) as well as a few songs from my EP "Audio Biographical Substance" and some singles I made with different producers not belonging to any cohesive project. I have already dispersed 27,000 "rookie cards" (burned c.d's) since I started selling them some four years ago. My plan is to sell another 3,000 "rookie cards" before june 20th. On June 20th when the debut album comes out I'll be deleting most if not all the music from those rookie cards from my soundcloud and bandcamp, this will leave 30,000 "rookie card" holders with some very exclusive material that will mature like a fine wine as my career does the same. I will be playing shows in Phoenix, and tempe like the one at Spenelli's on June 2nd and still have plans to be going back to Seattle for shows like the one at the "skylark" on June 24th. It's been more than two years since I've seen my Mom and Dad in Arkansas and thanks to the homies at "Highberry Festival" I'll be seeing them and all my AR. Fam the fourth of July weekend. The festival features tons of artists and is headlined by Buckethead, my set will be at the backwoods stage at noon on Sunday July 3rd. The festival is held at Mulberry Mountain which was until recently home to Wakarusa festival and Harvest festival, more than 5K of the 27K rookie cards have been dispersed from Mulberry Mountain and I look forward to seeing those seeds sprout as I perform songs off the new album with the album pressed up with merch in hand. I'm spreading myself thin and have to hit several big goals to have the album pressed up and ready for sell on that day, but I think I can do it. Tons of people ask why I don't get a funding campaign together and I explain that it's not the time, there is a way for me to grind this out how I want to, so I should, once the debut album seeds are planted, I might do a funding campaign to help support the making of the next album, my second official LP. I feel like there is a time and place for everything and when I fist started this journey I'm ashamed to say I thought everything including the red carpet would roll out quick, I now know that's not the case, it's a very long journey and only through tons of man hours of creating, promoting, distributing and performing will I be able to fully accomplish my dreams, in many ways this also depends directly on my sobriety, that's something I feel like a broken record about, but if you truly know me, and have before smar-t jones, you know I'm making more strides than ever, and it might have been just in time to save any sort of normalcy and operationalism in my life. I condone the use of almost all drugs and think the war on drugs is one of the biggest and most clever traps to enslave our country / world and exploit human curiosity, it's a social experiment where free labor is the desired and attained outcome. so yes as taboo is the system has made it, I do support and even encourage the therapeutic, recreational, or medicinal use of 80% of street drugs I however in my personal path have decided I can not use a myriad of drugs recreationally, or medicinally, only excessively. With clear eyes I will conquer the world with ease, and with red eyes I will conquer myself in every way possible. it sounds crazy, and it's just my life, I can't speak for anyone else's but I know I personally have to be a puritan health nut or not prosper. It's weird, I'm becoming what I hate, and who I love, I hate that  I'm so unattractive, it's probably the least attractive thing about me.            OATAHEA

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posted Nov 4, 2015, 9:57 AM by Smar-T Jones

Chapter 2 
The Seattle Transformation Re-cap

I want this post to let my friends and fans know a little about where I'm at in my career, life, and head space. I've been thinking about this post for days, and even if no one reads it, I am in a huge way going public with one of the most intimate details of my life and in a huge way lifting a weight off my chest, I'll explain,, 
 I consider the first Chapter of Smar-t Jones to be in Arkansas about four years ago when my then Seattle based brother introduced me to Blue Scholars, Common Market, and Macklemore, this was without a doubt the awakening of a person, and the birth of an artist.

I left Arkansas and came to Seattle about a year and a half ago, it took me 6 months to find my network and really establish myself in a community and find the resources I needed to progress my music further. In the past year I've been working on a full length album with Ready Ron and have been on and off the road that whole time. I would write to Ron's beats while traveling on the Greyhound to 14 different music festivals, one tour in Canada, and one small 5 show tour in the North West. I sold several thousand c.d's this past year, each had a few things from my Soundcloud, and bandcamp, and also a few exclusive tracks including a sneak peak at the new album with Ready Ron. I also handed out thousands of biz cards comically telling people to expect my first studio LP "sometime in 2015". I've gone through alot this past year and am embarrassed to say I may have made myself a liar. The album will be out soon and when it is I know your going to love it, but to ensure it can be the best it can be, me and Ron are really taking our time cleaning it up and getting everything in place to maximize the impact of it's release. This is something I'm sure you will understand and I hope you are as excited about this album as I am, and forgive me for not already having it to you. My writing process is very long and slow, my extra money for production is limited, and my life style and schedule unorganized and fast paced. Some of you may know through my posts or conversation that I am a heavy weed smoker and absolutely hate my relationship with it, I "try" to quit on an almost daily basis and seldom get absolute sober days under my belt. I have also developed other mild addictions over the past year, and thanks to a subreddit from Sasquatch festival have decided to be fairly translucent with those matters as well. It doesn't seem like you have a problem if your work place is music festivals and compared to everyone else, your a puritan, but compared to everyone else not at a music festival, your a user, and that has consequences, social, financial, personal, emotional, ect. I've put myself in check for the most part and am only struggling with weeds and tobacco but because of a somewhat rare, and quite embarrassing metaphysical condition known as C.P.P.S (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome) aka (my dick often hurts because of both mental and physical factors) these mild addictions have a much more severe impact on my life.  How long have I had this condition you may ask laughingly? About four years, as long as I've been a rapper, (ironic right?) when this journey started I got out of a once beautiful then nightmarish relationship, lost an amazing job, and dedicated my life to Hip Hop, all in the same few months. I remember being in such a state of despair wondering if I would die of a broken heart, instead I developed a great pain in my most private parts. I went to the clinic hoping it was the clap and could be cleared up but after every viral and bacterial test under the sun the Dr. refused my money and said I had to go to a urologist to get it checked out further, after spending several grand with the urologist and having a telescope shoved in my dick and fingers in my ass I was told there was nothing physically wrong with me and the pain was literally all in my head, he prescribed me something that he explained would make me think less about certain thoughts and be less neurotic. Having grown up in the judicial system and being fed tons of drugs most of which for kickbacks or research I was very apprehensive and decided against filling the prescription, if my option is have my dick hurt, or think less, I think I'll just have a painful but well thought out existence. As messed up as it is, there may be a silver lining here, maybe even a little bit of divine, or demonic intervention. I'm meant to be a pure, sober person, I've known it almost every time I've gotten high on anything, because of things in my life and habits I've fallen into, I've been in a state of trapped since I was a young teenager, if this is what it takes for me to finally treat myself right, so I can treat those around me right and have a thriving and totally happy life, than so be it.  Because of my condition my addictions and unhealthy habits control my every bean and essence, and may determine not only the quality of my career, but future family and sex life. It's more serious than I could explain and as alone, depraved, embarrassed and uniquely cursed as I feel at times, I know I'm only human and there is not anything that has happened to me that has not and will not happen to someone else. I'm so proud of so many things about myself, and so ashamed of others, I've come to understand and except this plight as being human, and have grown from it. For everyone that has kept up with me as a person and artist this far, thank you so much, as I support the moderate use of almost all drugs and life choices, please send me your prayers, hopes, wishes, rehab money, or whatever you can to help me on my journey to sobriety, I know for a fact I can be a mediocre career musician and person while getting high 24/7, I don't like mediocrity though, I'm meant for more as a person, and meant for more as an artist. I owe it to myself, as well as anyone who has ever believed in me, or doubted me. This may be the most telling, longest, and most emotionally charged post I have made, please tread lightly on this issue, questions are great, but be mature and respectful, and do keep in mind this condition has mental factors, so telling people is not always the best way to go about it as I am arming them to later give me mental anguish that will result in physical pain. I've decided to put those thoughts to the side and put my faith in humanity, and open and honest communication. I've not been a good person at all the times in my life, I've done alot of really good and really bad things and have some stories I absolutely must tell you in good time. I feel it's my social responsibility as an artists and person to be totally translucent with all these things as to build an open dialogue so others can be as honest with themselves and others as I have been with you. In This new album titled O.C.D  (Open Casket Digressionals) I will be letting you in on some of the deeper aspects of my life and hope with every release there after you know a little bit more about me, and yourself. 

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posted Jun 17, 2015, 1:50 PM by Smar-T Jones

Me and Ready Ron have been working hard on the full length studio project engineered by Jay Battles at Battlefield studio's in Seattle. we're more than ten songs done and still pushing out more, at first we thought a two part 22 song album but we might be re-thinking that, I want to get the album out by the end of the year and have great merch to match, I plan on working endlessly on a tour all fall and winter and then touring with a new album and new march spring of 2016. I've been working on a few different music videos, one was done by NKNGS and is for a song I have yet to release, the songs called "write home" and some of Seattle is familiar with it by seeing me live, for the rest of you the song will be new, I plan on releasing a video for every song on this particular project, all the beats are being done by my friend Nacho' out of spain, whom I met and sold a c.d to while on tour in Dublin, I.e. I'm very excited about both of these projects and look forward to expanding my style more and more with each producer I work with. Town T.V has done tons of good interviews and promo for the Seattle scene and now they are doing great videos for an amazing price, we had them come out to a show at my favorite low key venue that's not really a venue, "Prana Cut's" They got alot of great footage that will be used on the making of my first official video for the new project, this video will be for the song "Deja Vu" which you can't find anywhere online, but if you buy a c.d from me in person, you will find this song on there, in fact this is the only way you can listen to any sneak peak of the new album with me and "Ready Ron" so for those of you at these festivals and downtown areas supporting me and getting my music, please respect this exclusivity and don't upload it or I'll be hecka pissed. I love you all and can't wait to see you at a fest or show soon,  
 Heres the fest I KNOW I'll be at,       "What The Festival"     "Paradiso"   "High Sierra Music Festival"  
  here's the shows I KNOW I'll be performing at,    
Thursday July, 9th in Seattle at "The Royal Room" where I'll be doing an impromptu set with a full trip hop / jazz fusion band and possibly getting down on some cypher with the other guest MC Spekulation. 
Saturday July, 18th in Spokane, WA. at "The Pin"  The Smar-t Party with ILL Writers Guild, Ryan Taylor, and TBA Spokane support. 

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posted May 6, 2015, 4:44 PM by Smar-T Jones   [ updated May 11, 2015, 12:11 PM ]

A valued fan that I met in Austin, TX. asked for the lyrics to "happy Birthday" today, and I realized that I have been sleeping on tons of things including a Lyric link on this website, or a new website for that matter. If anyone knows me personally you know I throw it all to the wolves in this chase and often get off track with what people call normal life. I decided to post the lyrics and the song for you to download, just to make sure no one is missing out on what I consider to be one of my very best written pieces, that eventually found it's way to "Amot Beats" one of the best producers I've worked with to date. Put this song on your preferred device and share it with as many people as possible to help me on my Saga, remember it's "smar-t Jones" any other spelling will not yield the same results on the ether webs. 

Happy birthday baby, I know that your not mine, but I've loved you for so long and I hope your doing fine, 
I pray that this dude is treatin you, better than I could, though it would'nt be a feat to, I'm sure that's understood, 
Now you've got 25 years under your belt, and I can't thank you enough for the five with me you shared, you unconditionally cared, had a heart as soft as pelt, were never one for splitting hairs and handled all that we were dealt, I know alot's been said, but I've never been more heart felt, I can still imagine your smile and watch myself melt, I know it's right we're done and this should forever rest, but I wanted you to know that the memories of us I hold are truly, among my best. I said I know it's right we're done and this should forever rest, but I wanted you to know the memories of us I hold, are truly, among my best. 

And it'll be a long time before I forget, January, 25th, exactly, one month after each Christmas, I'll morn ina voice stripped and rejoice ina life lived. it'll be a long time before I forget, January, 25th, exactly, one month after each Christmas, I'll morn ina voice stripped and rejoice ina life lived. 

And it doesn't even matter if you truly loved me, you had that golden touch and to me it was so lovely, pulled a dunce from the corner and kept him from fumbling, never gave pointers through it all were still trusting, you were pure where I was insecure, faithful when I was lusting, but you'd still call me home for lunch when I was hungry, five days a week you would do this so humbly, but I was naive and pulled by strings, took you for granted, Gowd I was such a dummy, just to get my eyes slanted and go back to work fuzzy, and upon my return, you would still want me, have your arms wide open and ready to hug me, I knew you had my back, but so did that monkey, I'd walk right past, shit, I was probably running, to the cupboard to get some more comfort so cunning and leave my damsel in distress and YES you were stunning! 

So it'll be a long time before I forget, January, 25th, exactly, one month after each Christmas, I'll morn ina voice stripped and rejoice ina life lived. it'll be a long time before I forget, January, 25th, exactly, one month after each Christmas, I'll morn ina voice stripped and rejoice ina life lived. 

These things I hope he tells you, often in passing, and wears his heart on his sleeve without it bleeding through any fabric of distraction, ina way passion, was the last thing we were lacking, I think you and I know exactly what happened, at times, people need to just feel untouchable, but this trouble seems so tireless, so we turn to whom we feel the most comfortable, and have spent the most time with. And now the ones we love the most, are more than often the ones we hurt the most. And the things that I harbor, I should have dealt with all alone, I should have known a happy home wouldn't hold water so heavy, good god you were my damn girl but this world was a higher levy. and though I'll win in the end, it will many times level me, and though you say you don't care, I know this is something you could not bear to ever see, call it telepathy, or just time, a fraction of my life with your soul by my side, so now you especially deserve to be happy more than anybody else, this song is just to thank you for leaving an essence that's now the best part of myself. 

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posted Apr 26, 2015, 3:47 AM by Smar-T Jones

Festival season is here, so far I have only went to one camping festival in 2015 (euphoria fest in Austin, TX.) It was a success, I kicked it with great friends and got out a little more than 400 c.d's.  I know that I will be going to sasquatch festival to promote myself but other than that I don't know what festivals I may be going to. Right now I am holding back on shows but I'm sure I'll do a handful of them in seattle before the summer is over, and I do plan on doing a few "one off" shows in other parts of the country, but you probably will not see any huge shows or tours until after I release my new album with Ready Ron, the album is about 30-40% done and I hope to finish and release it by the end of the year and then do a big spring 2016 tour. In other news I am finally on my instagram game,  find me at "jonesandsmith"  
Facebook has implemented more policy's that may prevent me from saying what I want to the people I want to address. Because all social media is trendy and may not be as valuable of a form of marketing as once thought I need to concentrate on getting a more concrete way of staying in touch with my fans, I have started an email list and will only be sending emails about big releases, shows, and tours, you won't be getting emails if I drop a single song on soundcloud or if I'm doing a modest show in Seattle, for those things just stay posted on my social media, but please do send me a message somewhere with your email so I can put you into a more important, more long term, database.  

I can't thank you enough for supporting my journey and listening to my music. I owe it to you and myself to put everything I have into this 24/7 until the end, and that is exactly what I will do. 

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posted Jan 11, 2015, 1:11 PM by Smar-T Jones

NKNGS of "One Eyed Nation" and "The Bring Your Mom Tour" has just started a new music blog called "Rival Tribes" I had the pleasure of being his first subject. We went through the city, did some cdeals, some pictures, some Vietnamese food, and an interview.

check that all out here, 

and be sure to check out Smar-t Jones at the Central Saloon on Thursday Jan. 15th where I (Smar-t Jones) will be performing a 30 minute set of exclusive material you can not find online or anywhere else. 
also, check me out at Prana Cuts Barber Shop on Sat. Jan. 24th, the barber shop shows have been the ultimate show experience, with all the sound and stage of your favorite venue, and all the love and freedom of your favorite house party. 

Until then, treat yourself well, and treat each other well. 

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posted Oct 23, 2014, 2:38 PM by Smar-T Jones

 I've been living in Seattle a little more than 6 months now and for the most part I got off to a great start networking with new friends and artists. I played several shows at venues like "The Highdive" "Vermillion" "Columbia City Theater" "The Royal Room" "The Scarlet Tree" and even did a cool all ages show at "Prana Cuts" a dope barber shop here in Seattle.  I don't currently have anything booked in Seattle but I do have a show booked in Portland at Analog Cafe and Theater for Friday Nov. 14th. This show will feature "The Chicharones" and will be an album release show for the PDX homies "kinetic emcees"  I'm not sure how many people reading this know me personally, but I was born in California and raised in Arkansas feeling pretty out of place the whole time. Living in Seattle has in many ways been a re-awakening of my true self, I feel at home for the first time in my life. I met great like minded people as soon as I got here and received a sponsorship from Lunatik Extracts (a premier hash oil company in Seattle). Constantly having things to do and people to meet made me realize that I was too high in the North West, which made me realize I have been too high for more than half my life. I am a strong advocate for the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana but it's overuse has often made me content with a life I would have scoffed at otherwise. I did two spurts of sobriety, one that lasted 6 days which included 4 days at Summer meltdown fest where I was selling and trading c.d's for an array of beautiful buds that I did not partake in, this was an absolute first for me, and I felt like a super hero. It was a very profitable fest both for my wallet and fanbase. The second stint of sobriety lasted 15 days and I have not got back on my game plan since. I stopped eating meat and dairy when I started this quest of sobriety almost two months ago, and am using it not only as a way of cleansing my body and pineal gland but also as a way of practicing self control and getting into the routine of unfamiliar habits. I've hit a pretty big rut of depression while on this search too, I'm living outside SEattle in the suburbs, it's a 45 min. bus ride to the city which means I often get stuck at home smoking and planning out my life that I am somewhat unwilling to continue until I get sober, so while I'm high I hide, haha, which in a sense is what I've always done. I'm writing some and starting new projects with new producers, but all in all I need to pick up the pace in all aspects of my life. I've only completed 4 songs in the six months I've lived in SEattle, some of that has to do with a lack of beats, most of it has to do with a lack of motivation, which is odd, because I'm more inspired than I ever have been. I'm going to not let six months go by before my next post on this site, instead I'll try to update this on a monthly basis. I am very thankful for all the people that have attended shows or bought c.d's from me at music festivals or downtown areas. I've met people in SEattle that I met in Fayetteville, AR. Ashville, NC. and  Louiseville, KY.  And those synchronicity's make this pursuit all worth it. A part of me wants to get a job during the cold months here, a bigger part of me knows I don't need that to feed and fund myself, I just need to fully apply myself and think outside the box while my cdealing is put on ice until the sun comes back in full force. I hope my honest triumphs and deliberations help you evaluate your own life and your own place in this world, not to sound too preachy, but there is a war at hand, it's a spiritual / economic / agricultural / educational type war in which we all have the ability to progress our species or set by idly while it is dehumanized and devalued. Turn off your mainstream media and start researching topics for yourself, if you hear something going on in pop culture new or politics, research the topic independently and consider all theories, even those labeled "conspiracy" this is a buzz word used to sell the idea of lunacy.  If you've read this far I truely love and appreciate you. Till next time, be strong, be well, and be yourself! 

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posted Apr 12, 2014, 11:57 AM by Smar-T Jones

The bring your mom tour has finished, and I have finally found myself in Seattle. The c.d sales are going great and I love everyone that I am meeting. Ton's of people have reached out and showed me the support necessary to continue this journey. I've not clocked in to a 9-5 for a few years and it's looking like I won't have to any time soon. My plan is to sell c.d's and do shows in Seattle / Portland / BC all spring and summer while making new music with NW producers. This will be the first time I have worked with producers in person and I can't wait for that personal touch and detail to show through. When the season starts changing I'll migrate down to Southern California so I can continue doing what I do best, selling c.d's and making fans in the most grassroots of ways. 16,000 c.d's sold, the numbers don't lie, and neither do the testimonies, if your reading this and I've sold you a c.d, let me know, I'd love to read and possibly share the experience. The bring your mom tour was a success, we did 12 shows all over the west coast and I met my birth state for the first time in 21 years. It was an amazing experience on all accounts and I can't wait to do it again. Make sure to like the facebook fan page and send that FB friend request to get the most immediate updates on my adventures, think of this page more as a progress report with my links compiled for your convenience.  Peace and much love to you and yurz.    

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