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Dr. Christian Baden

Dr. Christian Baden is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Smart Institute and Department of Communication and Journalism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His Marie Curie Project, which is entitled “Frame Justification and Resonance in Conflict-Related Discourse (RECORD)”, develops a theory and analytic strategy for investigating resonant frames in conflictual public debates, combining and integrating techniques of qualitative and quantitative discourse analysis. Christian Baden’s research focuses on the collaborative construction of meaning in dynamic public debates. His publications have contributed to theory and methodology in research on framing, discourse dynamics, and the social and psychological process of sense making in a political public sphere. He is member of the INFOCORE (“(In)forming Conflict Prevention, Response, and Resolution”) project consortium investigating the role of media in violent conflict, and co-host of the ICA preconference on “Bringing Together Social and Semantic Network Analysis in Communication Research”.

Christian Baden’s current research is embedded within his habilitation project at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, “Measuring Meaning: Unraveling the Dynamic Co-Construction of Political Discourse.” His PhD dissertation “Communication, Contextualization and Cognition: Patterns and Processes of Frames' Influence on People's Interpretations of the EU Constitution”, defended at the University of Amsterdam (ASCoR) in 2010, develops a theory of frames within thought and discourse. Applying large-scale semantic network analysis, he has developed various techniques for detecting frames as latent, time-changing structures in complex debates. Other lines of his research include the psychology of discourse reception and sense making processes, the integration of visual information (and information processing) into theories of political discourse, and the study of the strategic construction of meaning in political debates (e.g., political public relations, propaganda). Most of his research deals with the meaning constructed to make sense of (political or violent) conflict and crisis in contemporary society (including European political debates, the financial crisis, war and conflict).

Christian Baden has taught courses on various aspects of strategic political communication, journalism and the public construction of meaning, as well as social science methodology and research practice at the University of Amsterdam and Ludwig Maximilian University Munich.

Selected Publications

Tenenboim-Weinblatt, K. & Baden, C. (forthcoming). Collective memory. In G. Mazzoleni, K. Barnhurst, K. Ikeda, R. Maia, & H. Wessler (Eds.), The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Wiley-Blackwell.

Geise, S. & Baden, C. (forthcoming). Putting the image back into the frame: Modeling the linkage between visual communication and frame-processing theory. Communication Theory.

Baden, C. & Springer, N. (2014). Com(ple)menting the news on the financial crisis: The contribution of news users’ commentary to the diversity of viewpoints in the public debate. European Journal of Communication, 29(5), 529-548.

Motta, G. & Baden, C. (2013). Evolutionary Factor Analysis of the Dynamics of Frames: Introducing a method for analyzing high-dimensional semantic data with time-changing structure. Communication Methods and Measures, 7(1), 1-36.

Baden, C. & Lecheler, S. K. (2012). Fleeting, fading, or far-reaching? A knowledge-based model of the persistence of framing effects. Communication Theory, 22, 359-382.

Baden, C. (2010). Communication, contextualization, &  cognition: Patterns & processes of frames' influence on people's interpretations of the EU constitution (Doctoral Thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Delft, the Netherlands: Eburon.

Complete list of publications (PDF)

Recent Activities

2015 – Dr. Christian Baden, together with Wouter van Atteveldt (VU Amsterdam) and Jana Diesner (UIUC), hosts the 2015 ICA Preconference on “Bringing together Social and Semantic Network Analysis in Communication Research” (CfP)

2014-2016 – Dr. Christian Baden and colleagues from seven countries won an EU FP7 Collaborative Grant for studying the roles that media play in violent conflicts and peace-building processes. The project is entitled (In)forming Conflict Prevention, Response, and Resolution: The Role of Media in Conflict (INFOCORE) and includes Romy Fröhlich (coordinator, LMU Munich), Thomas Hanitzsch (LMU), Christoph Meyer (King's College London), Gadi Wolfsfeld (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya), Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt (HUJI), Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou (ELIAMEP Athens), Georgios Terzis (Global Governance Institute), Snezana Trpevska (School of Journalism and PR Skopje), Rosa Berganza (University Rey Juan Carlos), and Marie-Soleil Frère (Université Libre Bruxelles). Dr. Christian Baden coordinates INFOCORE’s content- and discourse-analytic strategy, specifically the implementation of the large-scale automated text analysis.

2014-2016 – Dr. Christian Baden has been awarded an EU Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship together with Tamir Sheafer (HUJI), which is entitled Frame Justification and Resonance in Conflict-Related Discourse (RECORD).

2014-2016 – Dr. Christian Baden has been awarded a research grant together with Romy Fröhlich (LMU Munich) for a project entitled Imag(in)ing Conflict and its Resolution