The new Vehicle in Smart Grid optimization ! ( IoTastic engine )
We will have the main focus on tomorrow’s need of interoperating Smart Grids. Smart Grid is an electrical grid (interconnected network) that uses computers and electronic BUS-devices (nodes) to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers, in an automated fashion to improve the Efficiency, Reliability, Economics, and Sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. Crucial here is the needed two-way communication with Smart Meters AMR (Automated Meter Reading) in “open” AMS (Advanced Metering Systems) solutions in the new paradigm shift with  "CLOUD(Internet) of THINGS".

Internet's pervasive requirements in coordination and information exchange modeling ( as ) need Transformation from today's eGov to tGov ( ) . This HYBRID way of thinking is one of the major ideas behind the VSG-project.

Bus-device real time mirroring through open XML-modeling  is now being implemented through the OASIS CAM toolset in open source as part of the CAM dictionaries !

As OASIS Member you can download Template modeling examples for LightSensor, Thermostat and ElectricalMeter along with illustrations here: 

Energy Smart Grid slides:

Smart Grids Explained