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Latest News ...


  • Sept 13, Abhishek's MS proposal was approved. Good work, Abhishek!
  • Sept 1, we received a NIOSH grant to study nano-particle contamination on protective clothing.
  • Aug. 23, two new graduate students joined our group. Hallie and Tony, welcome!
  • April 23, Abhishek received a "Innovation in Programmatic and Educational Outreach" award at the CSU Demo Day 2019. He presented a poster entitled "Smart bandage capable with rapid identification and monitoring of bacterial wound infection". Congratulations, Abhishek!
  • March 21, we received a CHHS minigrant to support a new research project "Using Biomass-derived Photoluminescent Nano-particles to Improve the Performance of Agricultural Production".


  • November 20, Abhishek and Saloni received a AATCC Foundation Student Grant to support their own MS thesis projects. Abhishek works on a "Study of color changing mechanism of Polydiacetylene (PDA) nanofiber composites responding to the presence of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus ". Saloni works on developing bio mimicked shark skin swim suite and study of its commercial applications. Congratulations, Abhishek and Saloni!


  • May 16, Drs. Claudia Gentry-Weeks and Li received a grant from the Research Council of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science at CSU to support the development of antibiofilm-loaded nanofibers.


  • August 31, Kelsey Dean and John Brennan applied for SBME undergraduate professional development grants. They both were selected for the award! Congratulations, Kelsey and John. The award will support Kelsey to present her work on Li-ion sieve nanoparticles at the 2016 fall Fiber Society meeting in October, at Cornell University. John will use the award to support his participation at the 2016 BMES annual meeting in October, at Minneapolis, MN. John will present a poster on the transforming development of bacterial detecting hygiene wipes.
  • August 20, welcome the new graduate student, Faqrul Hassan, joined the group!
  • April 27, Dr. Li was selected as a recipient of 2016-2017 SoGES Resident Fellow Award by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) at CSU. The Resident Fellow Award supports to investigate the fate and transport of new glass of carbon nanoparticles and to demonstrate the potential use of nanoparticles as novel model tracers in water and environmental research.
  • April 7, our paper "Colorfastness Properties of Persimmon Dye on Cotton and Wool Fabrics" was accepted in Clothing and Textile Research Journal. The paper is primarily based on Nicholas Malensek's master thesis. Congratulations, Nick! Nick is currently working as a textile science consultant in imat-uve, an automobile company in Atlanta, GA.
  • April 1, A research team led by Dr. Li (Collaborating with Dr. Claudia Gentry-Weeks, Microbiology, CSU) received a research grant from the Colorado Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CCTSI). The grant supports our work of developing smart wound dressing with bacterial detection and control-released drug delivery.
  • March 6, our invited paper "Study of Polydiacetylene-Poly (Ethylene Oxide) Electrospun Fibers Used as Biosensors" was accepted in the special issue "Electrospun Materials" published in Materials. It is the first peer-reviewed paper of our leading author, Mashud. Congratulations!
  • February 23, our paper "The Surface Interactions of a Near-neutral Carbon Nanoparticle Tracer with Calcite" was accepted in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research! It is one of a series of our papers investigating a new generation of carbon nanoparticles which demonstrate great potentials in many environmental applications, including enhanced oil recovery, hydrological fracking, and groundwater remediation.
  • February 2, our research of nano fibers for renewable energy, medical and smart textiles is featured on the newest issue of NanoScientific magazine, spring 2016.


      • November 6, 2016 AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Grant is awarded to our graduate student, A K M Mashud Alam, for his MS thesis work. Congratulations! Mashud. Mashud is currently working on his master degree, with specialty area in textiles science. He is the first Bangladesh student who was accepted by our MS program, working on textile nanotechnology.
      • March 3, we have received new funding from National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The funding will support research of developing "smart" hygiene wipes capable of detecting food contamination for food safety applications.


      • August 25, our nanoparticle tracer work is caught up in the media


      • Sep 2013, Nicholas Malensek officially and successfully proposed his thesis project on "Persimmon Dye Colorfastness Study for Wool and Cotton". Good job!
        • Aug 2013, Daniela Jankovska joined the group. Dani was originally from Macedonia. She obtained her B.S in Apparel Studies & Marketing from University of Arkansas in May 2013. Welcome Dani!
        • Aug 2013, Dr. Yan Vivian Li joined the department of Design and Merchandising at CSU.