As there have been quite a couple of email requests and questions, I decided to open a blog especially related to the iphone apps.
If you are interested in discussing features and ask questions related to Blanks, just go here:

V.1.2 published

Finally, you can try as long as you want to get the right word.
oh and even more words :-)

V.1.1 submitted to the appstore 
Should be out in a couple of days.
  • random word bug fixed. As a lot of users told me, there was a bug always displaying the same words after startup.
  • more, harder words (around 1000 now).
It takes a bit longer to load (due to the larger wordlist). Yet, I already know how to fix it. 
I just need more time  ... ;)

V1.0 published

'Blanks' is a simple application helping you to learn new 
English words. It shows you word definition and gives 4 choices as answer.
Select one of the choices by dragging it on the hole in the paper.
If you are correct, a green hock is displayed.
If the selected word does not fit to the definition, you will see a red cross.

The word definitions are from Wordnet. The application developer is not associated in any way with Wordnet.

In case you have any questions just post a comment or send me a mail (see the picture for the address).