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Hey everyone sorry we haven't posted anything in a while but.... I HAVE A NEW PICTURE FOR YA!!!!!!!!!!! 

 this is Solange Knowles' son Daniel smith Jr. ..... I think that's his name I'm almost positive




Isn't he cute!! cryin' and everything ha ha ha  and hes  is wearing   Dolce and Gabbana

Y'all probably haven't heard and I just found out that Vanessa Ann Hudgens took pictures of herself naked ....... or Zac Efron (her boyfriend) did..... well there is a lot of rumors about it and I have seen the picture unfortunatly im not posting it this website because...... well its just not that kind of website. If your wondering where you have seen her before it was probably in High School Musical or Thunderbirds

This one is Zac Efron just letting you know incase you mistook him for a girl if you did don't feel bad because a lot of people do




Something else you probably didn't know is that Keyshia Cole has her own t.v. show it hasn't been aired yet but it will soon and hopefully i can get some picture of it for y'all  


Hey Im back I do not have the pictures yet but I will get them so don't worry but right now I wanna let y'all know about the to CDs that came out this week one of them was Keyshia Cole's album CDs Just like you which I have and I will put up samples of the songs and second Keke Palmer's CD So Uncool I have that one too incase you didn't catch this but Im only naming ones I have and last but not least The Cheetah Girls (sorry not Raven I know your all heart broken about that) it's titled TCG and I will put up samples of those also. 

here are the covers

by the way its supposed to look all digitized-like..... so-forth and such-which