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what's up with lindsay lohan these days? is it me or did rehab not help her at all? as soon as she got out she went back to jail, thats pretty sad if you ask me.

this is here jail shot or mug shot or somethin' like that and as you can tell not her best photo.






what happened to cheetah girl and lw Adrienne Bailon some people think she got a boob job but im not sure yet it was said that she got it done sometime in 2004  I saw here perform at the soul train  as 3lw (on youtube) and her boobs looked hecka bigger than what they are and people where saying when did she get her boobs done but I saw a picture of her at the disturbia premiere in 2006 and they weren’t nearly as big so I don’t know I think it was padding and im hoping it was to because if she got her boobs done then she was really stupid.

sorry its blurry by the way the first pic of 3lw isn't the one at soul train





 honestly can Raven-Symone possibly be anymore talented this girl has so many talents i have lost count all i gotta say is go on girl do yo thang! she has been workin' her butt off since she was 2 years old and still goin' so props to her. and look homegirl even has her own that's so raven doll (thats how you can tell your important haha jk).


speaking of that's so raven did ya hear......



An actor in the Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven television program is free on bail after he was arrested early Tuesday and charged with marijuana possession. Orlando Brown, 19, who plays Eddie Thomas, the best friend of star Raven Symone on the popular show, was arrested after police pulled him over about 1 a.m. The officer stopped the 1992 Acura Integra that Brown was driving because the headlights were off. During a search of the car, the officer found the marijuana on the driver’s side door. Brown, in an interview, denied that the marijuana belonged to him. He said a friend lent him the car to use during his stay in Houston to make an album. Brown said he thought the car’s headlights were on when the officer pulled him over. Brown was taken into custody without incident and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was released on bond.

what is goin' on with dc stars these days? 



Hey everyone sorry we haven’t posted anything recently but in this entrée we would like to give a shout out and congratulate anneliese van der pol  on her role as belle in the Broadway musical beauty and the beast she did a wonderful job playing this role.

this is her singing on Broadway. 



 Have any of y'all noticed that these last three entrées have included a that's so raven co-star just so you know that wasn't intentional :)


I am sure you have all heard about  Beyoncé  falling during her concert in Orlando well I tried to get a video not to embarrass her I thought it was real cool how she got back up after falling down all of them stairs ha ha and then made a joke about it which made it even more funny and here is the vide