Ninja Showdown: A Free Game Experience

Ninja Showdown is a free online ninja game, which feature all the high flying kicks online ninja games are famous for. In Ninja Showdown, you can defeat your opponent by kicking, jumping or slashing on them. The enemy will try to use all sorts of methods to defeat you including slashing, and kicking you. To defeat the rival ninja, you must keep on attacking him with the sword or kick him until he loses.

If you want to kick the opponent, you can press the A button. The kick move is a very powerful move. However, it will take for the kick move to be carried out so that you become vulnerable to your enemy for a short amount of time. To attack the enemy with sword, you must press the D button. The sword attack is quick but less powerful than the kick move. You should use a combination of the sword attack and kick move to attack the enemy efficiently.

Players can unleash a special attack when they press the spacebar button, assuming that their energy bars are full. You can use the arrow keys to choose from high, medium or low attacks. The high attack can be blocked by pressing the up arrow and A button. If an enemy confronts you with a low attack, you can press the low arrow button and D button.

When the game starts, you will be given opportunity to choose from two ninjas including Sigma Ninja Commando or Cobra Ninjas Master. Sigma Ninja Commando has a code name called snake eye and is specialized in enemy infiltration. The code name for Cobra Ninja Master is Storm Shadow. The specialty of Cobra Ninja Master is Sabotage Operation. Sigma Ninja Commando is dressed in black while Cobra Ninja Master is dressed in white. If you choose to play as Sigma Ninja Commando, your opponent will be Cobras Ninjas Master. Similarly, if you choose to play as Cobras Ninjas Master, your opponent will be Sigma Ninja Commando.

Ninja Showdown has 5 rounds. Each round lasts for about 30 seconds. Whenever you move, the energy will drain. The more you move, the more energy will be used and drained up. Time can restore the energy. The enemy can perform hurt you with a sword or by kicking you. When an enemy attacks you, your health bar will be reduced. The more times you are hit by the enemy, the shorter the health bar will be. If your health becomes zero, you will die and the game is over. On top of the screen, you can view your score and the score of the opponent. If the opponent hit you, his score will be recorded on the top left screen.

Even if you lose to the rival, you will still proceed to the next around if your health bar is not completely depleted.

Ninja Showdown is a challenging online ninja game and is suitable for players of all ages. It may not be suitable for children because it contains violent scenes, which are rather for a more mature audience.

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