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Kristen Powell (1st grade at Marble)
Jodi LePla (STARS room at Marble)

This website was designed for East Lansing Teachers' Professional Development session Feb. 17, 2009. This homepage outlines our goals for the day. Click on highlighted words to open and download hand-outs. Check out "Some more ways to use the SmartBoard" for other ways to integrate technology into your classroom. Please feel free to email Jodi (lepla_jj@elps.k12.mi.us) if you have other ways to use the SmartBoard in the classroom and she will add it to the list. The "Resources" page contains an annotated list of websites for teachers to use to increase their knowledge of SmartBoard technology and websites ready to use with students. If a link does not work, please email Jodi and she will fix it.

2nd Grade Student using the
SmartBoard in math class.


1. Set-Up (10-20 min.)
2. Getting Started (30-45 min.)
    a. What's already available on our Desktops?
    b.  Searching and Downloading from SmartBoard website
3. Creating your own SmartBoard activity (remainder of time)

It may take a couple minutes to set up the Smartboard but the level of engagement and participation you will get from your students is well worth it! Please refer to the Resources page for links to Smart Technologies wesbite or link from the below for more support for set up.
What's available on our desktops?
How To

Smart Technologies: searching and downloading lessons and activities

Making Your Own SmartBoard Activity

How To

Making your own lesson may seem daunting, but it is fun and easy. Start small and with one goal in mind. Use the Resources page for ideas and templates to get you started. The more you use the software the more comfortable you will feel with it. Work with your grade level peers and share your activities. Use our tech department for support, too.

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