This is a web resource for WRDSB teachers who are using SmartBoards with their students. By visiting the links to the left, you will find • information about SmartBoard set-up and troubleshooting • different ways to use the SmartBoard • how to download Notebook software (free) to a home computer • a wide variety of online resources, and • course outlines for the PD Place SmartBoard courses, both beginner and advanced.

The number of SmartBoards in WRDSB schools varies greatly. Some schools have one or two, some schools have a few, and there are several schools that have one in most classrooms. Schools who have been using them for a while have learned a few things which are worth sharing:
  • SmartBoards are most consistently and effectively used when they are in a permanent location.
  • When SmartBoards 'live' in a classroom, they become an integral part of the classroom and are used throughout the school day in a wide variety of ways.
  • SmartBoards are a learning tool as well as a teaching tool. Students' hands should be ON the board throughout the day!
  • SmartBoards are not a 'show and tell' device. We should avoid thinking of them as a 'cool new tool' to be displayed, shown, or demonstrated upon. They are best used as a vital, interactive tool within a classroom - something that is turned on at 9 a.m. and left on the whole day and used for big and little reasons. They can easily and beautifully take the place of chart paper, whiteboards and overhead projectors. Teachers can invest time in planning the occasional lesson, but the SBs are also very effective when nothing is planned ahead and the interactive features of the board are used anytime a lesson is taught, notes are taken, math problems are solved, anchor charts are made, text is deconstructed, maps are examined, videos are shown, websites are visited, etc. etc. etc.