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    Breakfast in Barcelona, however, has sold out. If people were to email me with sufficient interest, I might print another run... or maybe I'll see about some on demand printing... or maybe the chorus of crickets that is heard whenever the notion of paying for a writer's work is brought up will lead me not to bother.
    I will see about setting myself up with pdf formatted e-books, in case anyone is still meaning to look through couch cushions for change to pay for the work of writing novel... though, with above mentioned crickets being the usual response, I don't suppose I'll be doing myself a mischief in the interests of getting things in order for my... fans.

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Historical records of  previous, misbegotten efforts to share the pretty words...

  •     An update! As of February 10, 2012, the Buy Now buttons work. The google code still rejects their own shopping cart code like a bad baboon heart transplant... but my adoring readers can now at least resume giving me their money. (Ahem).
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   Maybe some of my family in Iran DARED to try to buy something, or just donate $1 to help contribute to my drinking.

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    Your patience is appreciated.
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Number Hit: I'm gonna have to take the fifth...
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      tales of the cab trade

    Now ready!! The collection of the best and worst stories, off the top of Alex's head, of driving a taxi in Oakland, CA.
     The book not only collects classic stories, it also includes many new stories- like Alex's feelings while working on 9/11/01, as well as several stories about the stripper regulars that made 2000 not a bad year to drive.
    Perfect for those who like the feel of a book in their hands, or who don't get to a computer often enough. Or, a perfect gift item.
    So come one, come all... step right up and get a copy for your library, coffee table, or that train commute to work.

Metro: Tales of the Cab Trade author: alex farr price: $14.00 + S.&H.
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    And for those who'd prefer a sampling of the madness... I present:

 Some early Metro Tales.

 The Rethinking- stories of Substitute Teaching in Oakland.

 The Return to Metro.


        Breakfast in Barcelona

    Sitting in a Barcelona tapas bar, enjoying a little snack with his beer, a girl at a nearby table catches Bob's eye.  Now he just needs an approach- the perfect come on line.  There's just one catch.  How does a man come off as smooth when he's been living on a park bench for the last couple of weeks? 

    The road hasn't been kind to Bob.  French vacation season has come, and poor planning leaves him nowhere to else stay in Barcelona but a park bench.  Now he looks like a bum.  He smells like a bum.  And he knows it.  It's not his fault... but isn't that what they all say?  The trick, Bob quickly realizes, is to direct the inevitable small talk so that he doesn't come off as just another run-of-the-mill bum.

    This, Bob's diary, is a blueprint to do just that.  The line between sound advice and beer-sodden delusion is very thin though, when a man finds that stuffing hot dogs down his pants has become a daily chore.

Breakfast in Barcelona 
author:  alex farr
price: $12.34 + S.&H. 
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Or, if you don't want to kill any trees- there's
  e-Breakfast in Barcelona
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    Robert's in big trouble.  One careless mistake...and the Kingmaker (his '65 Coupe de Ville) has vanished from his sort-of girlfriend's quiet Berkeley neighborhood. Finding it is just the first step...then he's got to liberate it. But you know what they say about fighting City Hall...

    Robert inevitably slips into a Kafka-esque struggle with bureaucracy, boredom, BART trains, strange women, and assorted weirdos. 

    Does a man regain his car, only to lose his soul to the undertow? 

    Enter at your own risk:  no lifeguard on duty.

author:  alex farr
price: $11.97 + S.&H. 
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Or if you prefer electricity over paper products... there's the e-UnderTow, for only $ 1.97 !!

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    Tuesday Morning

    A comic book adaptation of a short story by Alex Farr... Robert has finally had it. Fed up with the boredom of his 9 to 5 cubicle existence, he walks out of his job and into the too-bright morning sun to see if he can reclaim...something...anything.

    He's ready to make some drastic changes to the world...but what is the world ready to do to him? 

Tuesday Morning author: alex farr price: $2.00 + S.&H.
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MPK   Artist MPK's blogspot...

RemyJ  A gallery of the artwork of Remy J

Smartass Press Production DVDs

Michael Loyd Gray
The works of another independent author, whose work I rather like.

Disaster Alert Display
A rather nifty Weather Information and Alert Services website.
  A project I was working on for a while, when the doldrums of the cab business became too much.

    It's quite DEAD now, but it looks like DAD had a trademark, and still has a listing in the Corporate Genealogical records of Washington/Delaware..

     (It was) a completely different form of writing... but, unless I get a lot of written requests- I don't think I'll be writing any short stories about using java to format Weather Feed Outputs (Once upon a time, there was a for-loop... which went through Weather Feed Outputs one character at a time- Unless!!, that character was a '-', in which case... I'm sure you see what I mean...)
    ... Sign up with your cell phone number though, verify it back at the site once the system sends an auto text (I did that...), and it will text you with flood forecasts, hurricane warnings, tsunami warnings... all that good stuff. 

The Chia Al Project
What can I say? I can hair farm with the best of them...
    I shaved my head, and most of my face. Then I let it grow. Each frame marks the passage of a month...


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