Dr. SANTIAGO MARTIN-BRAVO, researcher and associate professor at Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, Spain (www.upo.es)

I am a researcher and Associate Professor at Botany Area (Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering) at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain). My main research interests are on systematics and evolution of flowering plants. My study groups are families Resedaceae, in which I perfomed my Ph.D, and Cyperaceae, especially genus Carex. My approaches to the study of these groups are multidisciplinar and range from classic taxonomy based on morphological study and revision of herbarium specimens to molecular phylogenetics, estimation of divergence times, cytogenetic evolution, phylo- and biogeographic analyses. I am currently the curator of UPOS herbarium.
I am an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Experimental Sciences at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain). I currently teach to graduate students in the Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Master, and to undergraduate students in the Environmental Sciences degree. Among the keywords that may illustrate the subjects that I teach I could cite: biodiversity, conservation genetics, endangered Flora, management of endangered flora, phylogenetics, systematics, taxonomy. I also supervise several students performing their end-of-degree projects in Botany Area and Ms.Sc. projects in the Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Master at Pablo de Olavide University. I have also supervised two Ph.D students and I am currently involved in the supervision of another one.
  • Çilden, E., Yildirimli, S., Zare, G., Martín-Bravo, S. 2018. Rediscovery of the restricted endemic Reseda balansae (Resedaceae) in Turkey. Phytotaxa 362 (1): 87–96. LINK
  • Míguez, M., Gehrke, B., Martín-Bravo, S.*,  Jiménez-Mejías, P.* 2018. Reconciling morphology and phylogeny allows an integrative taxonomic revision of the giant sedges of Carex section Rhynchocystis (Cyperaceae)Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 188(1): 34-58. (*The two last authors contributed equally to the senior authorship). LINK
  • Benítez-Benítez, C., Escudero, M., Rodríguez-Sánchez, F., Martín-Bravo, S. *, Jiménez-Mejías, P. * 2018. Pliocene-Pleistocene ecological niche evolution shapes the phylogeography of a Mediterranean plant group. Molecular Ecology 27(7): 1696-1713. (*The two last authors contributed equally to the senior authorship). LINK
  • Jiménez-Mejías, P., Strong, M., Gebauer, S., Hilpold, A., Martín-Bravo, S., Reznicek, A.A. 2018. Taxonomic, nomenclatural and chorological reports on Carex (Cyperaceae) in the Neotropics. Willdenowia 48(1): 117-124. PDF
  • Escudero, M., Balao, F., Martín-Bravo, S., Valente, L., Valcárcel, V. 2018. Is the diversification of Mediterranean Basin plant lineages coupled to karyotypic changes? Plant Biology 20(S1): 166-175. PDF



Santiago Martín-Bravo
Botany Area
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering
Pablo de Olavide University
Ctra. de Utrera, km. 1, C.P. 41013
Seville, Spain

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