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From 2007 up to 2012, Small Town Concert Series conceptualized, produced and directed over 60 great shows, putting over 175 performers onstage to an audience of thousands over those five great years.

We are on a hiatus of sorts. . . we might morph into another nonprofit's initiatives, or we might keep performing just as Amalgamated Muck (or as solos, like Lauren Agnelli, Rodney Maxwell, Ebin-Rose). Matthew Male is booking more shows under other auspices, and playing with "the Muck." 

Also look for "Small Town Studio" in Chester. . . the next logical Small Town Concert Series offshoot!



Here's "Columbus Stockade" from last year's Grand Ole Opry Tribute at the Kate with Amalgamated Muck, Phil Rosenthal, Bobo Lavorgna


  • Connecticut Audubon
  • Chester Emergency Fuel Fund
  • The Chester Library
  • Shoreline Soup Kitchen & Pantries
  • Over 180 performers
  • Over 3,000 satisfied audience members
  • The Chester Memorial Day Parade (sound system & pre-march music)

STCS also does the longest-running and only annual Leonard Cohen tribute in New England!!

As of "THE WEDDED SINGERS," show on May 21, 2011, we’ve done 51 shows since our 2007 inception. . . putting almost 200 people on stage from all different stages in their careers (newbies, hobbyists, struggling songwriters, seasoned pros. . . everybody plays together in STCS)


When started:  February 2007, with a Musical Variety Show at the Chester Meeting House.  Ken Kitchings was our emcee, and it was a marvelous, four-hour + event with music by The Next Big Thing, Dave Rave & Lauren Agnelli, Lisa Rich & Friends, Hillyn & Frank Natter, Jr., Moving Target, Paul Neri, J.D. Bones.  We've been growing ever since then.

Keep in Mind: "Small Town Concert Series brings big entertainment here, for our local benefit – whether home-grown or from other countries, small towns, or big cities.”

SLIDESHOW & AUDIO from the December 18, 2010 "Give a Little" benefit concert for the 
Shoreline Soup Kitchen at the Kate:

VIDEO FROM OUR LEONARD COHEN TRIBUTE #4, "Everybody Knows" at the Kate on 9/24/10:

YouTube Video

More Videos from LCIV can be seen on YouTube's stcs1 channel here:   http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stcs1&aq=f

VIDEO FROM OUR SHORELINE WOMEN DIGGIN' DYLAN (from Zip06 site -- Courtesy of Shore Publishing)

YouTube Video

Here are some pics of recent shows by John Stack, above & below, at the Kate:


Here are some pics of recent shows by Jim Rolston, at the Ivoryton Playhouse, Shoreline Women Diggin' Dylan, January 2010: