Small Text Generator

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small text generator
small text generator - Innovative Digital
Innovative Digital Hand-Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger
Innovative Digital Hand-Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger
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What would you do in an emergency situation when you have no power on your mobile phone? or during a power outage? Charge your USB cell phone or other USB devices yourself!. Ideal for travel, auto/boat, outdoors and emergencies. This USB device is the perfect solution for these scenarios and more! Compact, small and reliable, this USB Charger is powered by you simply winding the handle to generate the power you need to make a quick call or send a text message! or charge your favorite USB mp3 player. Fast reliable charging, powered by You: Recharging your USB mobile phone or any other USB-powered device (such as Bluetooth headsets) is as simple as a few hand cranks! it outputs stable, voltage-regulated power to your mobile phone or other mobile devices! Just 2 minutes of charging gives you up to 6 minutes of talk time or up to 30 minutes of standby. LED charging indicator Compatible with phones with USB style charger. *This Model is not compatible with iPhone. ( see our Item model number: USBZD1247-I for iPhones) This device is a Universal USB Charger: Works well with USB powered devices including MP3 players, GPS units, PDA units and Bluetooth headsets.
Please Note: recently some re-sellers sold generic products in this detail page, The negative reviews are not a reflection of the real Innovative Digital Product.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jon's Place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I'll try this one more time. When typing in the text the system crashes and knocks everything off that was just typed in. Our place is a big triangle [about 25 acres] and this is the back side as you look across the river. In fact this is where the river that goes in front of the house runs into another river which goes down the back side. Any way there is music in the air, three boats full of bands are playing drums, horns, guitars, and other Thai instruments. All supported by small generators and PA systems amplifying the singing and chanting. Very uplifting and electric feeling going on as about 20-25 boats started pulling into the area. They had all left the small town down river about 3 klicks from us and we could hear the rhythm from where we were. BTW this river goes about 10 klicks and flows right into the Gulf of Thailand. As the political problems in Bangkok intensify s we set out to have a celebration of life. A very colorful peaceful celebration where fun was had by all. Monks showed up but they were brought in by trolley on the other side where a Buddhist ceremony took place blessing everyone. That includes me too...;-) The point of all this is to show the world all of Thailand is not under the black cloud of red shirt protesters. We are not in the grip of fear so many are experiencing in other parts of Thailand. That's not to say we have not stocked piled rice and water and other dry goods. But out here life goes on in harmony with family and nature the way it should be. This was taken with a D300 and 70-300VR Nikkor lens, hand held of course. ...................................Thanks for taking a moment to enjoy the show.............................. . . .
Thomson Astatic Voltmeter
Thomson Astatic Voltmeter
A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. Analog voltmeters move a pointer across a scale in proportion to the voltage of the circuit. Voltmeters are made in a wide range of styles. Instruments permanently mounted in a panel are used to monitor generators or other fixed apparatus. Portable instruments, usually equipped to also measure current and resistance in the form of a multimeter, are standard test instruments used in electrical and electronics work. Any measurement that can be converted to a voltage can be displayed on a meter that is suitably calibrated; for example, pressure, temperature, flow or level in a chemical process plant. A moving coil galvanometer can be used as a voltmeter by inserting a resistor in series with the instrument. It employs a small coil of fine wire suspended in a strong magnetic field. When an electric current is applied, the galvanometer's indicator rotates and compresses a small spring. The angular rotation is proportional to the current through the coil. For use as a voltmeter, a series resistance is added so that the angular rotation becomes proportional to the applied voltage. Photo by Kevin Borland. Text derived from Wikipedia.
small text generator