More Vestibular Activities


  More Activities for the Vestibular System

 1. Gentle rocking, rocking chair

2. Slow, linear gliding

3. Sliding

4. Swinging (front and back), in a circle

5. Riding on a rocking horse

6. Jumping on a hoppity hop

7. Swimming, Slip ‘n Slide

8. Roll or bounce on large ball

9. Sit ‘n spin

10. Somersaults

11. Balance beam

12. Stepping-stones in a pattern around the house

13. General movement activities:  jump, run. walk, roll

14. Stilts on a carpeted area

15. Swaying bridge on a playground

16. Use of inflatable toys that children can bounce on

17. Pull your child around the house on a large body pillow

18. Shake head quickly

19. Roll neck slowly in a circular motion

20. Jump up and down or try to touch a doorframe

21. Sports: basketball, swimming, baseball, Frisbee, etc.

22. Dance

23. Aerobics with a group or at home to music

24. Jumping on a mini trampoline or the bed

25. Imitation games: Simon Says

26. Swing in a blanket held by two adults

27. Hammock swing on stomach while doing an activity (throw bean bags)

28. Swing suspended on a bungy cord for up and down movement

29. Jump rope

30. Po-go balls

31. Po-go sticks