More Proprioceptive Activities

More Activities for the Proprioceptive System



        1.     Pressure brushing

        2.     Hand clapping games, fingerplays

        3.     Jumping rope

        4.     Use of lady bug or pillow vibrators

        5.     Bath gloves/ loofah sponge/ rough toweling at bath time

        6.     Trampoline exercises

        7.     Therapy putty (silly putty, Play Doh, clay) activities such as pushing, pulling, hammering, squeezing, cookie cutters

        8.     Wet sand play

        9.     Hiding and retrieving objects hidden in slime

        10. Making letters, shapes or numbers in with Play Doh

        11. Swaddling

        12. Medicine ball games, weighted vest

        13. Rearrange furniture

        14. Hiding under pillows

        15. Tug of war

        16. Hammer toys

        17. Wheelbarrow walk

        18. Jumping/hanging from the monkey bars

        19. Climbing equipment

        20. Have one child sit on a blanket while another pulls the blanket and switch places

        21. Use a geoboard with elastics

        22. Finger fidgets, squeeze toys

        23. Animal walks: crab walk, bear walk, frog jump, bunny hop, army crawl

        24. Dig with a shovel in a sand box

        25. Hugs, heavy covers at bed time

        26. Pushing against objects: balls, bolsters, wall

        27. Isometrics (leaning against a wall, table or chair, palm presses, etc.)

        28. Chewing gum, chewy or crunchy foods, sipping water from a water bottle with a straw

        29. Household chores:  vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, carrying the laundry basket, wiping off the table after dinner, carry buckets of                 water, cleaning windows or appliances with a spray bottle, changing the linens on a bed

        30. Yard work:  mowing, raking, pushing a wheelbarrow, shoveling sand, digging dirt for planting

        31. Pillow fights

        32. Organized afterschool activities:  gymnastics, karate, horseback riding, wrestling, swimming

        33. Wood projects involving sanding, sawing and hammering

        34. Exercises: push-ups (floor, wall, chair), chin-ups

        35. Climbing structures on playground