Keyboarding Programs and Other Sites Available on the Internet

Dance Mat Typing

Typing Pal Online - Practice* (now fee based, free trial period, free Ergonomics section and free Typing Test and Productivity Calendar)

Touch Typing - online drills

Type Online

Krazy Keyboarding for Kids - Read and try the activities.

Growing With Technology* - Levels K-5 includes Typing with Katie, Carmen, and others. 

Type Me - Look in the Games & Activities list for 2nd Grade to find Type Me. Click on "Easy", "Medium" or "Hard", then

 you can make other settings. Type the letters you see falling before they hit the bottom of the screen.

Learn 2 Type

Typing Tutor

Typing Master Play Online Bubbles and Typing Master Games, free.

Typer Shark at Yahoo Games - Type the words on the sharks before they reach you, the diver.  - A list of appropriate toys for skill development 4494392/  - Templates for tracing, cutting, eye-hand coordination Dots.html - print connect the dots activities