Small Kitchen Worktops

Hardwood Worktops

For those who are looking for creative and low budget means to transform the look of their kitchen, wood worktops are a popular choice. Normally made from Oak and Walnut, hardwood worktops add a sense of style together with a classic and healthy look. They are suitable for most types of kitchens with the exception perhaps of stainless steal constructions. Most recently hardwood worktops have been pictured in sophisticated kitchen designs where the use of wood can balance the use of modern electronics to create worm feeling.For small kitchen choose light colours such as white, cream, pastels, pine or limed wood effects.

Composite worktops for kitchen design
Composite worktops like Quartz, Corian and Minerelle are made of a mixture of natural minerals, resins and acrylics and as a result, they are incredibly strong and long-lasting. Composite worktops are heat, scratch, chemical and water resistant and come in a variety of styles and colours. Composite materials also have the advantage of seamless joins which makes them extremely sterile and easy to clean - Corian, for example, is often used in operating theatres.

Glass worktops for small kitchen design
Sleek, glossy and hardwearing, glass makes for a super-stylish worksurface. It is made bespoke by designers who can make it any shape and colour.
A glass worktop is water and heat resistant and easy to maintain, though it can get scratched, so it’s not ideal as a cutting surface.A reflective glass can help make a small kitchen  feel more spacious.

Laminate Worktops
 This type of worktop is made from a high-density particleboard core, onto which a sheet of paper carrying the pattern is heat-bonded using resin adhesives. Although often seems as a cheap solution, some types of Laminate worktops will look very similar to solid hardwood and therefore come with a similar price tag. They are suitable for budget kitchens and for those who are looking for a particular colour as laminate worktops are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes.

Concrete kitchen worktops
Concrete kitchen worktops come in a variety of colours and styles and can be made to look polished and smooth like natural stone or rough and textured. Concrete is extremely porous so it needs to be sealed and regularly maintained to prevent staining and damage. Once properly sealed, concrete kitchen worktops are water, stain, scratch and heat resistant.

Stainless steel worktops
Stainless steel worktops give a real professional look to your kitchen design, and as well as looking sleek they have lots of practical benefits.
Advantages: Strong, durable and heat-resistant, stainless steel is also very hygienic and easy to keep clean.
Disadvantages: Highly polished stainless steel can scratch easily so if you’d like yours to look perfect, go for a brushed metal. Stainless steel can also look quite cold in a kitchen and needs warming up with wood or colour. It is perfect for smaller kitchen design.

Ceramic tile worktops
 The ceramic tiles are very hard and maintaining these tiles is very simple. While picking the designs you have to remember the background colors and expanse of the room. You have to put your creativity to work and there is no lack of designs. Only try to envision which pattern will suit your dwelling foremost, so that a beautiful look is achieved. Invigorate the atmosphere by using ceramic tiles. If the wall color is simple and light you can then have some pictorial gallant colour and design.