Small Kitchen Design Plans

Planning a Small Kitchen

 Small Kitchen Design requires a lot of creativity and smart thinking. When planning for a small kitchen space, floor planning is important and the most difficult part of designing. Basic kitchen floor plans are classified by their shape: One-wall plan, two-wall plan, L-shape plan, U-shape plan, Island plan. 
 Get design ideas for your kitchen plan by looking at photos and pictures in magazines or visiting kitchen design showrooms. Discuss your kitchen design ideas with friends and family. See photo-examples of how to make every inch count. Then determine your kitchen style, cabinets, countertops, appliance, etc. Not every small kitchen project requires a professional designer, but sometimes it's a good idea to consult with a experts.

One-wall plan
Very basic, the One-wall kitchen design plan is very popular. It's simple and fairly inexpensive plan, just be sure to allow adequate (at least 3-4 feet) open counter space between the two workstations. This kitchen layout is ideal for smaller homes or if you want to combine the kitchen and the living room or dining room.

Two-wall plan 
Two walls opposite each other give you a Corridor or Galley kitchen design plan. This layout create a perfect work triangle (two appliances on one wall, and a third on the other). It might cost you a little bit extra but the right design for your space is key to a successful kitchen.

L-shaped plan
There are many different cabinet styles and surface patterns that can add a feeling of space to your L-shaped kitchen. Good lighting is essential in the L-shaped layout. In the right situation, L-style kitchen design is highly functional.