Cover Page

Small Group Communication – Team Project

Florence Adebusuyi

Rob Garcia

Daniel Molina

Jaime Molina Butler

DeVry University, Tampa Bay Campus
Small Group Communication

Collaborative Work Plan

A. Information Exchange

Team A Members email Telephone Availability/Preferred Communication
Florence Adebusuyi 863 937-2656 text
Jaime Butler 813 516-3540 email
Rob Garcia 813 545-5688 email
Daniel Molina 845 787-6680 text

B. Communication Plan and Designated Leadership

Week Deliverable Date/Time Meeting Minutes Meeting Leader
3 Work Plan 16 September 2010 Daniel Florence
4 Team Analysis 23 September 2010 Jaime Rob
5 P-MOPS 30 September 2010 Florence Jaime
6 Outline/References 07 October 2010 Rob Daniel
7 Presentation 14 October 2010 Florence Jaime

C. Team Norms

Norm 1
Please do not call after 10:00 - Be courteous.
Norm 2
Be responsible for your position.
Norm 3
Be an active participant.
Norm 4
Be a responsive participant.

D. Conflict Management Strategy

Strategy 1
One on one (aside from group).
Strategy 2
Make every attempt to notify the group of any pertainant details of the project.
Strategy 3
If a member drops the ball on an assignment, the group must pick-up the slack.

Jaime Molina,
Oct 12, 2010, 12:09 PM
Jaime Molina,
Sep 23, 2010, 3:35 PM