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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

Smaller World Solutions provides consulting in business development and strategies; product design, positioning and management; creating and maintaining effective internet presence; customer relations management; technology assessment; market assessment; user experience design; and software development planning and prototyping.  We have particular expertise in using technology to develop Decision Support tools that help employees, customers, and users make more effective and better informed decisions.

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Southern Utcubamba Valley Internet (SUVI) LLC

The Southern Utcubamba Valley Internet (SUVI) LLC will use long-range wireless internet technology along with wind and solar power to bring e-commerce technology to the Cloud People (Chachapoyas) region of the high Andes in Northern Peru. E-commerce access to the global market will enable the local farmers and highly skilled artisans to sell their products on-line.  It will also allow local guides to provide carefully controlled access to priceless archaeological sites in the region. This will provide economic incentives for the local youth to learn the skills of the master artisans, and for the local guides to preserve the archaeological sites. The SUVI LLC will bring in revenue that will pay for health care and education, wind and solar power, and long-range wireless internet connectivity. The SUVI project will pay artisans and guides in a blend of cash and equity, so after 5-10 years, the locals will own the company. During those transitional 5-10 years, the SUVI LLC will provide training and scholarships to teach the locals the skills they need to operate the network, the power systems, the web sites, and the business. By the time they own the company, they will be fully qualified to run it themselves.  The local communities will be on the net, off the grid, financially independent, with quality health care and education.  The SUVI investors will have earned a healthy 6-12% return on their investment, and they will have the satisfaction of having helped a culture lift itself out of poverty.

These links provide more information about the regions, the business areas, and the technologies.

The SUVI LLC is currently seeking angel investors as we work to raise the $1.5M necessary to bootstrap this effort.  Interested investors should contact: 


  Peruvian Archaeologist Daniel Fernandez-Davila reading to the students of Atuen. Daniel has been traveling to the Southern Utcubamba region since 1998, creating and expanding local libraries, and bringing books and supplies to the local schools.    
Award-winning Preuvian-Italian Chef Jose Duarte is world-renowned for his cuisine and his work in sustainable, carbon-neutral, green businesses.
The SUVI LLC will initially focus on agriculture, artisans and ecotourism in this region.  The altitudes range from 2,000 to 4,000 meters (6,500 to 13,000 feet).