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Put "pub:"Smallbouldering Projects" into the Android Market on your Google phone to finds these apps (or search by their name).
App to send SMS (text) messages to a group of people in one go as simply as possible.
If like me you like the group to know who else was texted this may be for you.
Manage your Google account groups on your phone.

          App to help with sending emails to lots of your GMail contacts.
          GroupEmail is not an email app.
The nearest thing to having a Low Battery Mode or PC style Hibernate on your Google phone.  Especially useful for setting an alarm to get you up in the morning with-out using up all your battery and getting annoying text/notification beeps all night.
An implementation of Unix Fortune; giving you amusing, quirky and sometimes bewildering quotes, aphorisms and sayings.
Ever wondered just how steep that slope was?  This tool will tell you (so you can boast about how gnarly it was).

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