U Roy

U Roy - Foundation Skank - Sound System

For fans of the deejay style - when it comes to albums that they want to see released this comes pretty close to the top of the list. Although nothing can really top 'Version Galore' it being the first DJ album - and it also being a classic set. Its what happened next the gap between U.Roy leaving Duke Reid to him teaming up with Bunny Lee. In that gap was a stack of self productions and great tunes for other producers. Here for the very first time is some of them. It would be have been great to hear more from the Mego Ann label - U.Roy's label but perhaps thats for another project. For the time being its great to hear 'Foundation Skank' and its version in fine style. There are so many gems on this 21 track set most of them have the version after the tune - so you are getting an idea of the time as well. The version era. A fantatic set and one that all fans of deejays will want to have in there collection.



U.Roy Meets King Tubbys - Attack
Recorded just before U.Roy started to work with Prince Tony and had LPs on Virgin released all over the world. This set brings together. King Tubby's sound system top DJ at the time with some of the best rhythm of the time, mixed by the best engineer of the time King Tubby. And produced by the top producer of the time - Bunny Lee. That's a lot of tops - but its all true!!! Its a shame this CD isn't on Blood and Fire - all of the above information would be given to you in great detail, but its on Bunny Lee's Attack label. So that kind of info is missing, still it looks nice - and it sounds really really good. 


U.Roy - Serious Matter - Tabou 1- CD Just to hear this great deejay back on Jamaican rhythms again is a real treat, but it sometimes takes something a little bit extra to make something into an event and this is. Not only do we have rhythms built at Leggo's with people like Flabba Holt, Sly, Keith Sterling plus a load more, but vocals coming from the likes of Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Israel Vibration, Jimmy London and Gregory. All of this makes for a fantastic set. Superb.