Rhythm And Sound

Rhythm And Sound - See Mi Yah Remixes - Burial Mix

Reggae music is one of the most flexible musics in the world, it can be made to sound like pop/country/jazz/latin/african/indian/etc etc, but in the hands of Rhythm and Sound it goes off into techno. This set is the most advanced example of that work. This time involving a a team of like minded producer/engineers. This set as to be heard to be believed. King Tubby hinted at this style back in the seventies - but only these people could bring it altogether and in such fine style. Each and every track as that raw kind of energy that only someone like King Tubby could generate back in the early days of dub. These people collectively have invented something new. Hopefully more will come from them. Excellent.

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Rhythm & Sound w/the Artists - Burial Mix - CD

And so the great vibes from Rhythm and Sound continues, pushing reggae music forward and connecting it back to its great past. The excitement of the early sevenites - the dense keyboard sound of the early seventies is what inspires Rhythm and Sound. It puzzles me that anyone can think this is Techno. All the great producers of the early seventies knew how to get this sound. Organ riffs deeper than bass lines - What you don't find here is the wild drum work of Tin Legs and Winston Grennan. That's what makes its so interesting, this is more or less drum free reggae - something that Duke Reid knew all about. but that's another story. Seven great singers, eight great songs. A strong Wackies representation - The Chosen Brothers, Shalom, Jah Batta, Love Joy - gives another clue to origins of this sound - While Cornel Campbell, Jennifer Lara and Paul St.Hilaire also turn in some of there best tunes. A truly fanstastic set. Reggae history in the making.

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Rhythm And Sound - The Versions - Burial Mix - CD

If you just want to listen to work of Rhythm and Sound this is the set for you. These are the versions of the first set. Where the digipak of Rhythm & Sound w/the Artists featured photos of all the singers, what you get here are blurs, a clever graphical way of describing what is going on! Once again 8 tracks. Deep deep bass lines and organ riffs take you on a journey that creates a musical time loop from the early seventies to today 30 years later. Yes it owes a lot to computers - but what makes it so good - is although the connection with the past is strong, nothing as ever been heard like this in reggae music before. And being virtually drum free - it goes around the problems of those working in the UK Roots area - whereby the steppers drum beat became almost more important than the bassline. A magnificent work.

Rhythm & Sound - A Ground - Rhythm & Sound 12"

Another great musical landscape from the German based production team. You can only marvel - how they make something out of nothing, if this was anymore minimal it would be see through - but to me its reggae's future. Its pulls together so many great ideas, version/dub/vocals and perhaps the most intriguing noise. Which gives the sound depth and substance - its not the kind of noise you get with rock music. Feedback from guitars, its just a bit of hiss and distrotion in the right place. A classic tune. Hopefully all these 12" will be rounded up for a CD release soon.

Rhythm And Sound with The Chosen Brothers - Making History - Burial Mix 10"

After remixing a number of Wackies productions over the last few years - The Rhythm And Sound crew finally get to work with their mentor - Lloyd Barnes. And like the title of this tune, its making history. Wackies have waited a long long time to get the kind of promotion and distibution - that the Rhythm And Sound have access to. And this kind of thing will make for even more interesting listening. Lets hope than an album of some kind is soon come!

Rhythm And Sound with Shalom - We Been Troddin - Burial Mix 10"

After success with Cornell Campbell - R&S return to the new names in the business. Shalom nearly broke in the national pop charts in 2000. He's got a great voice and is able to write great songs. Put this to a R&S production - lots of deep bass lines - chugging organ - and a portion of noise - and you have another modern classic. A CD of all there tracks must be on its way soon - with the right promotion and distribution it could break Rhythm and Sound big. They are something new but old. And they have some big fans on Nightnight on BBC2!

Kindly supplied by Liam at SRD in the UK. Many thanks.

Rhyhtm and Sound with Tikiman - Jah Rule - Rhythm and Sound 10"

And so it goes on, the fall out from reggae great musical breakdown of the eighties, roots, ragga, lovers, dub. But putting back together three of those elements take some talent. But the Rhythm and Sound crew from Germany do it time and time again. All they need to do is cover a love song and all four styles would be there's. Some people persist in calling this techno, its no more techno than what Perry and Familyman, and Wackies was doing in the late seventies and early eighties. It's about using your mind as an instrument filling in space with sound that doesn't exist. Its about noise that turns into melodies and then back into noise again. It's about the future of reggae music - its about going back to go forward.

(supplied by SRD)

The Wailers Band - Higher Field Marshall/ Rhythm & Sound - No Partial - PK6 - 10"

The Wailers Band made some great instrumentals, some of them came out on The Familyman - Heartbeat CD. This one is a Clive Chin production at Randy's and features Peter Tosh on Melodica. When you hear this kind of thing it makes you realise just how great the Wailers band was and still could be. The B side is the Rhythm And Sound remix. What a tune! You would not think it would be possible to make something like this better, but they do.

Rhythm & Sound – With Tikiman –

Never Tell You - Burial Mix 10" BM 01

Rhythm & Sound – With Tikiman –

Spend Some Time – Burial Mix 10" BM 02

Rhythm & Sound – With Tikiman –

Ruff Way – Burial Mix 10" BM 03

Rhythm & Sound – With Tikiman –

What A Mistry – Burial Mix 10" BM 04

Rhythm & Sound – With Tikiman –

Why – Burial Mix 10" BM05

(All 5 are also available on a CD)

Never have I came across anything like this.

Five 10" from one artist Rhyhtm & Sound with Tikiman. Very few artists get 5 tunes released all at once by the same producer. But this music is something really very special. For starters the producer or producers Rhythm & Sound are German. If you’re thinking this is techno or bass and drum or whatever crazy label is currently doing the rounds – forget it. Its just great reggae music, made under the influence of people like Lee Perry or Wackies. Now your probably thinking it’s some weird German xerox reggae music. Wrong again, this is influence – not content. What drives this music along is the deep bass sounds of the organ mixed in with great bass playing and some minimal drumming. It’s very raw but that is its intention. The skills of the mixer here are on par with that of King Tubby or Scientist.

The reason for this comparison is the voicing and mixing of Tikiman. His voice is fragile like Horace Andy, but deeper. His songs are dreamlike in their nature, but still have a message to them.

Rhythm & Sound are going to be very big in reggae music if they can maintain this kind of quality of production. Very few producers have their own sound. Most that do have something that no one else wants. Rhythm & Sound are true innovators, with Tikiman they have found a vocal that matches their rhyhtm sound. A very rare event indeed