Keith Poppin

Keith Poppin - Get Together - KP Productions.

Its so great to see Keith Poppin take matters into his own hands, and give his fans what they want - a greatest hits album! And one which he will get paid for, which is very important. Reggae fans who claim to love the music so much, really need to think about what they are doing when they are buying music. Do you really want to make a company who does not care about the music at all richer. Because, thats all you are doing. They do not release the music they do for love, its for money. If they loved the music so much, they would make sure the people who made it got paid. Blood and Fire have been doing that for over 10 years now, and so have Greensleeves for even longer, that is not the case for so many other companies. Until that changes - go and buy this album. Its full of great tunes including the man's mega hits hits like 'Envious' and 'Who Are You' plus 15 more of equal quality. A truly excellent set.  Available from Small Axe - price £5.00 inc postage and packing worldwide. Please make by Paypal to