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Garnett Silk



Released on the 7th November 2000 in the US is the album Garnett was working on when he died. The set now called The Definitive Collection is a 2 cd set consisting of 20 tracks. Some new, some old. Very few people have heard it yet but those who have tell me it's the album we were all expecting from the man and more. Recorded with some of the top musicians on the island at the Studios of Tuff Gong and Couch, with mixing done at Kariang.

The twenty tracks on the album are: 1.Love From A Distance,2.Wrong Is Wrong, 3.Tell Them To Stop, 4.Your Time Has Expired, 5.Beyond A Dark Cloud,6. Too Frightened To Be Scared, 7.I Am Not For Sale, 8. Life Is Like A Piano,9.Love Is The Answer,10.Green Line, 11. Place In Your Heart, 12.Slave,13.Mama Africa,14. Consider The Garden, 15.Love Is The Answer, 16.Rejoice In His Name,17.Fill Us Up With Your Mercy, 18.Sayonara, 19.Thank You Jah, 20. Zion In A Vision.

Garnett Silk - The Definitive Collection - Atlantic

It's taken years for this set to be released. It was due for release just before Garnett was killed. The first ten tracks (Disc one) make up what is known to Garnett fans as The Kariang album. The man just wanted to make an album with the players of instruments around him, and he did. And it' excellent! The second disc is like a ten track best of ,compiled and remixed from a wide variety of producers works. Much credit needs to be given to Craig Kallman the co-ordinator of this set. Atlantic could have just left this in the vaults, they were encouraged to do otherwise.

Garnett Silk - It's Growing - VP - 1992

The end of 1991 and the start of '92 found reggae music in a very strange mood. Much of the music didn't even sound like Reggae music anymore. Basic ideas seemed to have been lost. By the late summer things had changed and one man responsible for that more than any other was Garnett Silk. He had a fresh voice, and could write great songs over some of the most popular rhythms ever to come out of Jamaica. This, his debut produced by Bobby Digital is simply essential. A reconfirmation of just how good this music is.

Garnett Silk - Gold - Charm - 1993

Towards the end of '92, early 93, Garnett Silk ruled reggae music. Single after single became a hit, some of course bigger than others. It was around this time that he was signed to Atlantic Records. Everyone expected an album sometime in the summer of '93. Well we didn't get it. Instead, Jet Star compiled one of their 'Gold' sets and this one truly is. A 14 track set, coming from 10 producers which is truly superb. Some of these rhythms have never sounded better, a remarkable talent.

Garnett Silk - Collection - Penthouse - CD.

There is still no sign of Garnett's final album - the much looked forward to Big Beat release that was picked by MESA. In the meantime Jamaican producers like Germain's Penthouse label can and do go back to remix and overdub his work. And as long as it's done with respect, which this is, there is no problem. It keeps the man's name out there, and that is only right and proper. Without him - reggae music would not exist in its current form. We all have much to give thanks and praise to Garnett for.

Garnett Silk - Give I Strength - Brickwall - CD.

While the sessions now known as the Kariang/ Big Beat - sessions still to come, what was left was the Follow up to Garnett debut album 'It's Growing' that was produced by Bobby Digital, and here it is. What a set, it's almost as good as the first one. The bulk of it as been rebuilt from scractch, and that includes 'Splashing Dashing' & 'Kingly Character'. 16 tracks in all and they do the man proud.

 Garnett Silk

In Remembrance

Garnett Silk name will always be associated with the month of December. His debut album 'It's Growing' produced by Bobby Digital was released in December 1992 on VP. And of course he died in December 1994.

Now on cue comes a new album from Bobby Digital 'Give I Strength' released on Brickwall in the U.S and due on Jet Star in the UK soon. This album contains some old tracks but all of them have been rebuilt with real drum and bass. By all accounts it’s a fantastic album and is a fine tribute to a great talent.


Also available at the moment is a live set that was recorded at Sunsplash in 1994. A 16 track set it contains many of Garnett's biggest hits. The sound quality is excellent, and of course Garnett is in fine form.

Garnett Silk Live at Reggae Sunsplash is released on Tabou 1