Dennis Alcapone

Dennis Alcapone - Forever Version - Studio One/Heartbeat - CD

It as been explained the U.Roy did not invent toasting, he was recognised as the first toaster simply because he was the right place at the right time. Likewise with Dennis Alcapone, toasting the popularity of, began with these two men. They captured the Jamaican public's attention, ear, and heart. U.Roy was quick and slick, Dennis Alcapone used timing and wit. You can tell that, by listening to only one track on this his debut album. In fact just look at the sleeve, the album is as good, believe me.

Dennis Alcapone - Musical Liquidator - Jamaican Gold - 1974/1995. CD.Twelve out of the 16 tracks on this CD were originally on the very rare 'King Of The Track' lp released in the UK on Magnet in 1974. 'King Of The Track' in my opinion is Dennis Alcapone's best work. Trying to expalin why this is a better album than 'Guns Don't Argue' is difficult, but it is. The rhythms on 'Guns' are just as strong as on this. The deejaying on 'Guns' is just as inspired and the production courtesy of Bunny Lee is excellent.

Dennis Alcapone - My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars - Trojan - CD

Aside from his work at Studio One, Dennis in common with all reggae artists worked with a multitude of producers. And the only way to get a truly representive example of his work is to compile an album from all of them. And this is what this album is. Included here are productions from Keith Hudson - 'Jungle Of Crime', Prince Buster - 'Sons Of Zion', Clive Chin 'Mava', Sir JJ 'Rocking To Ethiopia' plus many more. While the excellent title track comes from Duke Reid.

Dennis Alcapone - Universal Rockers - RAS CD - 1992

Compiled from two Bunny Lee albums 'Investigator Rock' released in the UK by Count Shelly's Third World label, plus Six Million Dollar Man from the unreleased album of the same name. Both recorded around 77/78, we find Dennis working out over a selection of heavyweight Revolutionaries rhythms. Dennis prefers to take his inspiration from the singer - and with Leroy Smart in good form on a few of the tracks he's got some great material. Yet Dennis just riding the rhythm is just as good, a great set.

Dennis Alcapone - Charlene - Housedoor 7".

Apparently Red Rat's 'Charlene' caused widespread depression amongst girls so named. So here's something to cheer them all up. A well produced positive tune that actually rhymes Charlene with Sardine - with Dennis in great form aided by Sly and Robbie on the rhythm and Mikey Brooks supplying backing vocals - anything is possible. Inspired.

Dennis Alcapone - Revelation Time - Satta Records 7"

Dennis Alcapone should pass thru Rome more often. This is a classic, featuring one of the tunes off of Max Romeo's incredible album 'In This Time'. Dennis shows how it's so easy to deejay a rhythm like this - when you know how. It would be great if someone recorded a deejay album in this nyahbinghi style - I just hope the opportunity goes to Dennis. The b.side should have been a dub but instead it's an Italian deejay called Aldano with something called 'Reggae e liberta' its very unusual and it more importantly it works.