Chezidek - I Grade - Tabou One

This album worried me a little Chezidek with Sly and Robbie - should be something to celebrate - except with Sly and Robbie they can get it wrong. But then I found out it Mr B of Tabou One who was at the controls that cheered me up. His last effort was the Horace Andy set - and that was very good. Once of Horace's best albums. With Chezidek it should be easy - the man is so good - vocally and lyrically. All it takes is good rhythms. Which brings us back to Sly and Robbie. Its sounds like Mr B just said to Sly and Robbie just build be some great rhythms in the style of Taxi 1979/80. And they got on with it. Its a classic sound as well, it did well for Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and of course Black Uhuru. 'Borderline' should be a massive hit, a real anthem. Full of great messages that made reggae music a real force for social change. A truly great album.

Chezidek - Inna Di Road - Greensleeves

It was clear right from the start that Chezidek had something special going for him. An unusual but still a good reggae style of vocal. His songs were the same - more like stories then anything else. Working with Fatis must have helped as well - and then in the last year or so he's branched out. This is his third album in the last year. And is another excellent set. Produced by Bobby Konders. Its got some fantastic rhythms new and old - even Ranking Joe gets involved! Chezidek just makes these rhythms his own - and that sort of talent as not been heard of in reggae for a long time now. Included on the CD are videos - that are really good as well - hopefully a full video on the man can't be far away. In the meantime enjoy this CD because its something very special.

Chezidek - Firm Up Yourself - Cousins

Yet another great set from the one called Chezidek. And that makes it four great albums in a row, two for Fatis, and one for AL.TA.FA.AN. This one is for Cousins, and that means Mafia and Fluxy are seriously involved in the production. A fantastic selections of rhythms are provided - but it is what Chezidek does with them - that is important -his lyrics are superb and vocal style is very very melodic - all the things that made reggae so good for so long. And if Chezidek and few more like him carry on like this, those good times must surely come back. Congratulations to all concerned.

Chezidek - Mash Dem Down -AL.TA.FA.AN - CD

Another truly magnificent set from the man Chezidek. Its so good to see artists putting runs of albums together. The simple reality of the situation is that album tend to stick around a lot longer than singles - and when people finally get around to checking out a 'New' artist, bingo it makes it very easy for them to get into all what is good about an artist. If you got back to the mid seventies when reggae broke big again, it was this kind of thing that was very important. This one features Gentleman, Luton Fyah, Mark Wonder and President Brown. The production from theAL.TA.FA.AN team is amazing drawing on what is best that is roots. Chezidek songwriter is full good songs, culture, reality the lot. Roots music at its very very best.


Chezidek - Harvest Time - Xterminator - CD

Garnett Silk worked with every producer on the island, but he never worked with Fatis. It would have been good to hear Garnett over those huge heavy rhythms that Fatis built. But all these years on - with Luciano now working away from the Xterminator camp - Fatis as found a new singer Chezidek who sounds a little like Luciano and Garnett. And like those two he can write songs - great songs. The vibes are such that Fatis as changed his sound - its not as dense as before - but his production values are still high. A magnificent debut