I am a quantitative ecologist and biogeographer and ask questions using different taxa and systems to better understand the biological and environmental interactions that limit species' occurrence. I use models to test hypotheses and examine patterns of biodiversity, particularly within a spatial context. 

I am now an Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Missouri State University. 

Previously, I was a postdoc at UC Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, in collaboration with Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and Berkeley Institute for Global Change Biology.  There, I analyzed patterns of small mammal distributional shifts during the 20th century, with particular focus on extinctions and connectivity. Before that, I was a postdoc at the Odum School of Ecology at University of Georgia, where I worked on novel approaches to ecological niche modeling.

Sean P. Maher
Department of Biology
Missouri State University
901 S. National Ave
Springfield, MO   65897

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