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Gentoo Linux on a Dell XPS M1210 (amd64)

Gentoo Linux on a Alienware Aurora M9700 (amd64) 

I pretty much use Linux for almost everything do, that is to say serious or work-related computer projects.  I am not really a Linux or open source zealot, but I do tend to agree with the basic philosophies.  I also have a *gasp* Windows XP based PC at home which I use for stuff like playing games and music, checking emails, and the like.  For those of us who have also developed on more proprietary platforms, you know what it is like to reach the end of a system’s or tool’s capability.  You can either pay lots of $$ to some third party company for more tools, or build it yourself which is perhaps even more costly.  It is not like that when you work with free and open systems.  That is why I prefer and insist on use open and free platforms for the work I do these days.  Since my work is related to scientific research it is almost essential to use these free and open platforms to be able to share work and research.