Recruitment - St Michael's Church School, Christchurch, NZ

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St Michael’s Church School is an Independent co-educational full primary school with a proud tradition of sound academic and holistic education. 

Location and Context 
St Michael’s is in Christchurch's inner city. Whilst it is an Anglican parish School, it is pleased to receive and educate children regardless of religious affiliation. Pupils come from all over the city and from outside the city boundaries as a great many of our parents work in the city. We offer an after-school care/homework programme for pupils of the school, which is of great appeal to our parents. Our tuition fees are lower than those of other Independent schools and pupils therefore come from a wide range of backgrounds. We are estimated to be a decile 9 school.

Along with our efforts to provide excellence in education, we also place a strong emphasis on Christian values and learning for living. 

Our roll is around 100 pupils. There is one class at each of the year levels Year One to Year Eight, with a maximum of 26 pupils in Years 1 - 3, and 30 in years 4 - 8. All pupils are spread amongst the four School Houses. 

St Michael’s was the first school in the city and celebrated its sesquicentenary anniversary in 2001. Our site is small but pleasant and provides adequate space for our numbers and our activities. We utilise Hagley Park, local indoor sporting venues and many cultural venues throughout the inner city. Our main school building is listed as a Category One Historic place, as is the church (the first Church of Christchurch), which the school is immediately adjacent to. We are fortunate to have such beautiful and worthy buildings. 

Academic Dimension 
We are proud of the achievement and the attitudes of our pupils. Analysis and elevation of pupils’ learning and achievement and evaluation of our teaching programmes remains always to the fore in our thinking at St Michael’s. We report fully to parents: effort assessments are sent home every seven weeks, sample/test folders are sent home at the end of term, substantive formal reports are compiled at mid-year and end of year checkpoints and interviews are offered twice a year. We have studied, and adopted all of the New Zealand Curricula thus far in use throughout the country. Staff are well supported in Professional Development and have shared in the writing of various curriculum statements. We are annual contributors to the Canterbury-Westland Science Fair and our pupils regularly achieve awards in this event. 

Cultural Dimension 
The School has a Senior (Chapel) Choir, Junior Choir and Orchestra and an annual Music Festival. All pupils are involved in the biennial concert or production. Formal speech training culminates in an annual Poetry and Speech interhouse competition. We have continued and extended our involvement in the city's cultural activities including a design by three senior pupils, being chosen for inclusion in the new Art Gallery mural. Pupils audition for both the choir and specialist groups at the annual Christchurch Music Festival. Itinerant Music Specialists teach an array of instruments on site, which culminates in pupils being part of our School’s Orchestra. Our School also has a strong Chess Club. 

We have extended our entries in the Australasian competitions in English, Mathematics, Spelling and Science and are pleased to have been awarded eighteen High Distinctions over the last eight years. Our pupils perform well in standardised tests and we offer extension programmes to the gifted and talented. Extra assistance is given to those who have a scholastic need and the School has a Resource Teacher for this purpose. 

Sporting Activities 
A full interhouse competition exists for Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. Pupils are offered hockey, netball, rugby and soccer in the winter. The summer codes pursued are cricket, tennis and touch rugby. 

Spiritual Dimension 
A Christian ethos permeates all School activities. Pupils attend a weekly Mass and other regular services in the St Michael’s Church, adjacent to the School. The School was a pilot for the Anglican Schools’ Religious Studies’ scheme and this has now been in operation for three years.