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Experimental Software

This page contains some small experimental software projects that I created when learning programming for Mac OS X

The software is free as a beer and free as in freedom, but no warranty

YeaLogger Ham logging Software

Please visit my Ham radio logging software project YeaLogger.


Yea Crypto:   Software for file Encryption and Decryption (Mac OS X)      

It is a small program for encryption and decryption of files in case you want to keep them safe protected from others either on your harddrive, flash memory or when transfering data via e-mail. The encrypted files are password protected and encoded using some of the popular ciphers. The user can choose a cipher to use and set a password in the preference screen. To start encryption you simply open a file using the menu and press "Encrypt" push button. The preferences for YeaCrypto are stored in the user system data, so the user preserves the preferences all the time.

 The software is en OppenSSL front-end written in cocoa for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard): 

Yea Crypto - You can now download version 0.5  YeaCrypto.tar.gz

Yea Cabrillo2Adif Converter

  Yea Cabrillo2Adif: A software for converting the radio logs from Cabrillo to Adif log format (Mac OS X)

The current version works fine for all standard HF contests. Open a cabrillo file and press the convert button. and an ADIF file will be generated. The carbillo files format supported extensions are .txt,  .log,  .log

There are following exceptions: There is no support for for some of the VHF and UHF contests and no support for QTC handling in the WAE DX contest.