SM7YEA Home Page

Probably the most south located Amateur Radio Station in Sweden

Welcome to SM7YEA page

My intrests in the amateur radio has changed through out the years but the telegraphy, the CW was and still is the main communication mode that I use.

Currently contesting and HSC CW communication that I do spend time on.

My other intrests are electronic design and programming. I do only use Apple Mac OS X and Linux-Ubuntu computers.

The current equipment that I do use is:

  • TenTec Omni VI + 
  • K2 - 100W
  • Acom 1000 - HF + 6m power amplifier
  • FORCE C3 yagi on 19m high Versa Tower
  • Dipoles for 80 and 40 meters band
  • Logging software YFKLog & TLF & YeaLogger

QSL Info:

 I use both the eQSL and LOTW service to confirm my QSO's

During the years of my HAM radio practice I have collected some radio and antenna experience. You can find more about it at my Hardware sub page.

As mentioned my second hobby is programming. The Software sub page contain the collection of some of my programs written in cocoa objective-c for Mac OS X.