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GameShark Versions
Early GameSharks (1.x, 2.x) can only load a very limited number of codes at once. They also don't support the D1, D2 or 50 code types. Many of the codes on this site require a GameShark Pro 3.x.

Code Limit
GameShark Pro 3.x's are limited to 15 active code lines without an Expansion Pak. When an Expansion Pak is installed this limit is increased to approximately 250 active code lines. If this limit is exceeded some codes will load incorrectly or not at all.

The F0 and F1 code types can be used in the place of 80 and 81 respectively to squeeze out a few more code lines. They aren't counted towards the active code limit, but can only be used with ASM codes such as Savestates on N64 or Lag Frame Counter. A maximum of 49 F0/F1 code types can be used at once.

Check Your Code

When in doubt, check the code you entered, double check it then check it again. Perhaps even get someone else to look over it. Just 2 characters swapped, 1 line missing or 1 wrong value will usually break the code.