Most codes on this site require a GameShark Pro 3.x and Expansion Pak.

Shindou Level Reset code added.

X-Cam Timer code added.
Shindou Lag Frame Counter codes added.
Shindou No Music code added.
Shindou Star Select code added.
Shindou Timer codes added.
Slide Timer Fix code updated to fix bug which caused timer to start 0.1 seconds late.
Manual Timer US code updated to fix BoB music bug.
Soft Reset code updated to include RNG reset.
Non-Stop (Toggle) code added.
Tippy RTA (103-Star) Practice File code added.

Centisecond Timer JP code updated to fix bug which displayed 00/03/06 as 0/3/6.
Savestates on N64 updated to version 3.1. F1 code types are now used in place of 81 types for the first 49 lines to assist people who are hitting the active code limit. See the Troubleshooting page for more information.

Level Reset Camera Fix code added.
Savestates on N64 codes updated to version 3.0. Camera issues caused by loading a state while in the star-grab/death animation have been fixed and the Non-Stop code is no longer required.
Slide Timer Fix code added.
Upstairs RTA (39-Star) Practice File code added.
120 Star File code added.
Change Star Color code added.
Scrolling Message code added.
Always Spawn Toads with Stars code added.
Never Spawn Fat Race Penguin in CCM code added.
Debug Codes page added. Currently includes Debug Displays, Debug Spawn, Free Movement, Level Select & Resource Meter.
Character Values resource updated to indicate which characters are available on each version.

Always Spawn Sub in DDD code updated to include hole suction fix.

Star Select JP code updated to include spawning displacement glitch fix.
Cosmetic Codes page added.
Currently includes All Stars Yellow and Modify Dust Colors.

Transfering Codes Over USB resource added.
Level Reset code updated to include CCM/SL snowfall reset.
Savestates on N64 codes updated to version 2.3. All restrictions on button combinations have been removed.
Troubleshooting resource updated to include info on F0/F1 code types.

Savestates on N64 codes updated to version 2.2. States can once again be saved while holding other buttons.

Lag Frame Counter codes added.
Speed Display codes updated to be compatible with the Lag Frame Counter.
Savestates on N64 codes updated to version 2.1. A single state version is now available, and the double state version has been slightly shortened.

Character Values resource added.
Upstairs RTA (74-Star) Practice File code shortened from 7 lines to 5.

Speed Display codes added.


Site launched. This site is intended to serve as a single resource for runners to find all the useful Super Mario 64 practice codes.
Some codes have been changed slightly from their previous counterparts:
Star Select has been improved to no longer require a separate code for THI, and doesn't require you to release R before L.
Level Select codes have been modified. Bowser levels have been moved and more stages added.
Non-Stop has been shortened from 4 lines to 2.
Manual Timer has been shortened from 8 lines to 7.
Savestates on N64 has been updated to version 2.0. It now includes crash protection and support for two states.