Pale Green 

Going halfway 

  •  A plastic water bottle with water sits in the toilet tank to save water.
  • An electric shaver is easier for me and less of an event than shaving my legs sitting on the bathtub ledge.  Now I can shave quickly while sitting in front of the tv.  It saves water, saves razor blades from the landfill, and keeps chemicals from going down the drain.  It does use electricity, but not much, and the battery I can recycle.
  • My favorite reuseable bags are the GreenBags I got at Target.  They fold and zip up. Produce bags I reuse if at all.  I keep them all in a larger reuseable bag that rides in the cart.
  • I'm semi vegetarian.. For health, the environment, and animals.
  • Living in the desert, I've only planted native and drought tolerant plants and let the lawn that was installed just before I moved in, go dormant or die, which was easy as I don't have sprinklers.  My yard is a work in progress..
  • Sometimes I bring my own box with me into restaurants.
  • I use a menstrual cup after the first day or two.  It's all about the 7-fold.
  • I reuse the cat chow bag as a litter bag that I keep in a small covered trashcan next to the litter box.  Talk about recycling. 
  • The good things about the Shark steam mop is that it uses much less water than traditional mopping, the floor dries really fast, and it's faster and easier than regular mopping.  There was no styrofoam in the packaging, too....which I appreciate.  However, this mop is good for inbetween cleanings.  The only way to get the floor really clean is to get down there, ala Cinderella, with a scrub brush.  I have small floors, so this is possible.
  • I've been buying biodegradable detergents (dish detergent, laundry detergent, shampoo) when it's time to replace.
  • Used batteries, aerosol cans and such goes to my local hazardous and e-waste collection center at the landfill.
  • I try to reuse everything.  Trash is separated into recyclable and not.
  • Thrift stores get a lot of my reusable items.
  • When I throw something out, I think about where it's going to end up (a growing landfill).  When I buy something, I consider the packaging.
  • Even more than what I put in the trash, I think about what I put down the drain.  I imagine that everything I put down the drain going straight into the ocean where a sea otter is swimming around.
  • Nice things that last, many times save you money in the long run.
  • Recycling is great, but it can't compare to  reducing.  It sets off a chain reaction.