the most unreliable versioning software around


Oh, Veracity -- my contribution to versioning software (single user). I started this project in January 2004 (because I was looking for something to test FileSystemWatcher component on), and stopped working on it around November same year. It wasn't really bad, if you consider, that it was my first .NET project. It is written in Visual Basic .NET, and when I peeked into code today, it didn't seemed that bad.

If you want to play with it, or even continue development, feel free to do it. 


Download binnaries (Microsoft Installer).

Download source codes (Visual Basic .NET 7.1).

Download .NET Framework.

Version history

2006/02/24: 0.2.4 - Last finished (but never released) version. About box tells something about version 0.3.0, but I never went that far with it.