shrink them all! 


MP3Recoder is little tool I've made to recode my MP3 files to lower bitrate, so I can stuff more of them into my MP3 player.

It is just a graphical frontend to LAME endoder, which it runs on each file found in specified directory (or subdirectories). MP3Recoder can duplicate directory stucture of your music library, or can generate new directories names based on ID3 tags (which it copies to recoded files). 

I used it mainly as a chance to write something in Boo. Boo is statically typed .NET language, which has some parts of Python syntax, but goes furthe (in my opinion). I really recommend to check it.

Because LAME is distributed under General Public License, MP3Recoder is also distributed under GPL.

It also uses Id3 tag library by Thommy Mewes (see ).  


Download binaries and source code (all necessary files included).

Download .NET framework 2.0.