widgets no more!


ElPad was meant to be desktop utility toolbox. You know -- it adds little windows to your desktop, some of them top-most, some of them opaque, you can fold them up, down, left or right, and in these windows sit little pieces of applications which you like to have there to improve you productivity have something to play with.

Somehow I lost my interest in this app (I guess because I had to work on my Ph.D. thesis at that time), so I never get behind version 1.0.

May be, one day, I'll start similar project again, and it will be perhaps less messy, and have better backend (like database, some pipelines for passing data from one plug-in to the other etc.), but for now this project is stopped.

Code is a bit messy, but there are some parts which eventually can be reused for something useful.


Download binnaries (just un-zip and run).

Download source code.

Download .NET framework 2.0.

Version history

2006/02/24: 1.0