sluggish software development


Here is a list of my (mostly finished or abandoned) pet projects.

  • slugFTPlib - C++ object wrapper around Win32 FTP API.
  • cppTUnit - Minimalistic C++ unit testing framework using C++ templates.
  • MP3Recoder - MP3 recoding utility using LAME encoder. Written in my favorite language Boo (requires .NET Framework 2.0).
  • RawIRTerm - Simple, but still useful proggie allowing your Windows Mobile PDA to use infra-red port in RAW mode. Written in C# (requires .NET Compact Framework 2.0)
  • Veracity [discontinued] - My contribution to file versioning sofware. A bit different approach from other applications available. Code quality is not so bad, considering I used is as my first contact with .NET several years ago. Written in VisualBasic .NET (requires .NET Framework 1.1).
  • ElPad [discontinued] - Kind of widget application. I had big plans for this, but time was against me. I still consider some features unique, but there are only a few widgets available. Code turned into a mess a bit, what was caused mainly by a fact that I didn't have any expirience with plug-in style applications at the time. Written in C# (requires .NET Framework 2.0).

If you have any comments or suggestions, please, let me know.

Jiri Brossmann, jiri-brossmann&gmail-com (ah, sure: replace & with @ and - with .)