UC Santa Cruz Debate Team

Who We Are:
  • We are the competitive members of the UCSC Debate Club. Club membership gives the opportunity to compete with the team. 
Getting Ready to Compete:
  • Debating Boot Camp - Held by UCSC Debate Club
  • Videos from the Final Rounds of the World University Debate Championships (Under Resources). These videos help familiarize with:
    •  Parliamentary Debate Format + Decorum
    •  Speech Structure
    •  Types of Arguments
    •  Proposal Topics
  • Tutorials + Online Lessons (UVM link, in Resources)
How to Participate:
  • Come to club meetings and talk to either the club leaders, or any member of the team. If you're in the club, you're a step away from joining the team.
  • Email Team Leaders - Kelsey Hill (Krhill@ucsc.edu) or Ben Fletcher (Bsfletch@ucsc.edu) 
Being on the Team:
  • The UCSC Debate club aims to attend a number of competitions throughout California, with an eye on moving up to the nationwide level.
  • Approaching Competitions we will meet independently of the club with a focus on preparing to compete (boot-camps lasting for several hours