lab equipment

See how and where the magic happens... 

For all of the imaging that goes on in the lab, we have 9 microscopes within the walls of the Sluder Lab.  We also have access to a common-use facility (that we manage) and we are planning to expand our capabilities in the near future.  For now, we have our main lab scopes set up in two "divisions."

The Low-Tech Division... 

So named for the cardboard boxes and duct-tape used to create environmental enclosures to maintain 37*C at the microscope stage 


And the High-Tech Division 

The difference here is that we use a Plexi-glas enclosure instead of cardboard.  The concept is still the same.  Oh yeah - the microscopes are also considerably more modern. 

The Micro-Manipulation Setup


This is where we are able to microsurgically remove centrioles from living cells.  20 years ago, this scope served as the microinjection setup for injecting anything you can think of into sea-urchin eggs.  The guy in the inset is Rick Miller - former Sluder Lab technician and microinjection guru - who spent many hours attached to this scope at the eyeballs.

The Pol-Scopes


The Frogs


The Urchins

The Common-Use Setup (coming soon)