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Attendees (and their post-camp blogs)

A classic schoolboy error. Ask what they want to eat, drink, get out of the weekend and what they think they can bring, but forget to ask for their twitter names. Whoops!

Here is a collection of every attendee's Twitter names, along with any photo sets or blogposts they wrote about the event. If we have missed you out, please do let us know!

Penny Leach - @Pennyleach123
Ashley Harrold - @BMS_MrHarrold
Tania Fehrenbach - @taniaf77 - Blog
David Butler - @DavidButler50
David 'El Gringo' Rogers - @daviderogers - Blog
Amy Harvey - @ms_jamdangory - Blog
Alexis Conway - @wherenext5
Dawn Hallybone - @dawnhallybone - Photos - Blog
Stephen Lockyer - @mrlockyer - Blog
Abi King - @abikking
Tom Boulter - @tomboulter
Susan Watmough - @soowatmough
Deb Tex - @debtex - Blog
Julie Hunter -@MsHMFL - Blog
Sarah Findlater @msfindlater - Blog
Jill Berry - @jillberry102 (mentor, sounding board, virtual attendee)
Phil Stock - @joeybagstock
Rachel Orr - @rachelORR (virtual attendee)
Ross Morrison McGill - @TeacherToolkit (virtual attendee)
Debbie Light & Mel Aberson (or Mel and Sue, or Mel and Kim, or the same names but the wrong one) - @teachertweaks - Blog
Amjad Ali - @ASTsupportAAli
Russell Bond - @russellbond - Blog
Jen Hart - @miss_J_Hart
Helena Marsh - @HelenaMarsh81 - Blog
Jen Ellison - @ded2je
James Hughes - @RealJamesHughes - Blog
Andrew Cowley - @andrew_cowley23 - Blog
Jo Debens - @GeoDebs
Graham Newell - @Graham_IRISC (tuxedoed sponsor) - Blog
Gill - @PrepSchHead - Blog - Teachmeet
Stephen Robinson - @sgrobinson13
Helen Almond - Birthday Girl - @mattyhilda - Blog
Steph Robinson - @redredhockey
Lucy Johnson - @UNKNOWN
Andy Day - @andyphilipday - Teachmeet
Heath monk - @heath_monk (virtual attendee)
Stuart Lock - @stuartlock - Blog
Dawn Cox - @MissDCox - Teachmeet
Victoria Tully - @victully

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