Welcome to our Second Life home, Panther's Pride. Owned by Panther and River Brimm, Panther's Pride is a homestead sim (officially called Kashmir 2) and is one of three sims that create the Kashmir Estate. With a peaceful atmosphere and packed with many areas of interest and activities, it provides many hours of exploration. Split by a small creek, the small sandy side is Cove Island, and the larger side is Pride Island. It is also home of five lucky residents in StoneGate Cabin, Cove Isles, Pride Forest Treehouse, Barn Loft, and River's Cove Lighthouse.

Also, it's the home of Pride Ranch, where we keep our horses, and you could too, with our stall rentals, which includes your feed, and monitoring :)

Panther's Pride also has an integrated teleport system to the various areas.

Please feel free to explore this site, and visit us in Second Life!