Ebru Özseçen

Tease Lane

1971, Izmir, Turkey. Lives in Munich, Germany.
Ebru Özseçen’s work Poles 2007 is a sculpture and light installation that consists of 3 stainless steel poles covered with chrome, situated in Widderlings Lane in Shandon accompanied by 3 lighting fixtures. A physical experience of private stage in the public realm is aimed for this project rather than a spectacle. The work is designated to question public versus private, inside versus outside, safety versus violence, rich versus poor. Poles signify an energy like the title of the show Slow Space Fast Pace. They are charged by movement and become active as a performative installation in the city where less favored and more dangerous go, pass, or live just for a short period of time. The work aims to change the aura of a architectural uncanny experience to a safe one.

Artists in Slow Space Fast Pace:
Jim Buckley (Ireland/UK)
Tim Furey (Ireland)
Belinda Guidi (Italy/UK)
Greer MacKeogh (Ireland)
Maslen & Mehra (UK)
Ceren Oykut (Turkey)
Ebru Özseçen (Turkey)
Julia Pallone (France)
Karnival Magazine (Ireland)

Curator: Rana Öztürk

Photographs by Rana Öztürk