Slow Food Miami is committed to projects that educate us about the complexity and challenges of our food system. Our projects to identify endangered cherished foods and the creation of schoolyard gardens are examples.

Slow Food's Arc of Taste is about saving cherished slow foods,one product at a time. Slow Food Miami is committed to preserving South Florida’s culinary biodiversity.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Paradise Farms and Slow Food Miami are planting an Ark Garden in Paradise, to raise endangered tomatoes and beans which have been listed on the Ark of Taste. This year Gabrielle is planting the Cherokee Purple, a tomato that originated with the Cherokee Indians and one that is known for its rich smokey taste. Other varities such as the Orange Oxheart and the German Pink Tomato are also being planted.  In March Paradise Farms will host a Dinner in Paradise for Slow Food Miami and Chef Michael Swartz will prepare these precious rare tomatoes as part of a seasonal dinner under the stars. Check the web site for more information on details as they become available.


Ark of Taste Gardens in Public and Private Schools

This September two Ark of Taste Gardens are being planted by Board Members Everett Evansky of Nautilus Middle School and Elaine Costanza of Gulliver Academy.  The inititive to grow endangered tomatos and other foods from the Ark in a school garden is an important experience where children learn about growing their own food and tasting it, but also the lesson of conservation and cherished flavors. If you are interested in starting a school garden please contact us at slowfoodmiami for more information. 

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