How does becoming a member benefit my local chapter?

Your donation helps Slow Food USA support its local leaders, build up their leadership skills, and coordinate their actions on a national scale. One of the benefits of being an organization that is both local and national is that we can aggregate local actions to address the national barriers that affect food and farming in every community. Your donation also helps us reach new people, identify new leaders, and establish Slow Food groups in new areas.

$25 or more makes you a member of Slow Food and a donation of $60 gives you access to to special member only offers


*Member Benefits*

From recent surveys, we've found that the top three reasons people join Slow Food USA are that they want to support the organization; they want to learn about food issues; and they want to connect with like-minded people.

In June and over the summer, Slow Food USA will launch some new benefits that speak to these needs, including:

   - A monthly email newsletter - just for members - with inspiring stories about how Slow Food members are making a difference
   - A weekly briefing on the latest food news
   - Info guides on important food issues
   - Tips from fellow members on cooking, gardening, and ways to "Go Slow"
   - For $60+ members, at least one special benefit or discount every other month 


Renew Membership - If you haven't renewed or want to become of member of Slow Food go to the Slow Food USA site (the process is a bit convoluted)
1. enter credit card and billing info
2. look for an email from Slow Food USA
3. link to the log in with password provided
4. click on edit preferences to select chapter