A Sloughi Life

Me with Bahij (left) and Azaar (right) at a lure coursing practice in the summer of 2007 (photo © Jan-Erik Sandbæk).
Living with sloughis is like a never ending adventure, and my life with my three sloughi boys, Ain Zafir Ashraf Azaar, Ain Zafir Bahij and Ain Zafir Djilál is never dull. Azaar grew up in the city of Oslo, but I decided to move out in the country when time came for Bahij to enter our lives. We now live in a rented, run down (but dog-friendly) house outside the village of Nannestad, 45 minutes from Oslo and 10 minutes from Gardermoen Airport. We share this little house and its overgrown garden with 20 chickens and a rooster (who wakes us up every morning) and a steady growing number of feral rabbits, the result of two females and a male who ran away last summer.

The latest addition to our little family, Ain Zafir Djilál, has been with us just two days at present, but he's settled in very nicely indeed. As I'm writing this, the damp autumn weather keeps us inside, but nobody's complaining. The three of them enjoy the heat from the fireplace, comfortably wrapped in wool blankets (Bahij complains every time his blanket slides off him, demanding that I cover him again). Their breakfast consisted of a rabbit that Azaar caught early this morning, so they're all nice and full. Early autumn mornings are actually quite OK as long as the living room is warm.

Life is rarely quiet around here, as we have plenty of visitors from Oslo and elsewhere. This weekend we'll have a lure coursing training day in Hovin, a short drive from here, and that'll be Bahij's first step towards his LC licence. It will also be Djilál's first time on an LC training field (as a spectator only, of course).

Nannestad, Norway
October 1st, 2008

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